Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY: Color Block Necklace

Here is a short video showing you some simple steps in making this color block necklace pouch. Customize it as you see fit, I used metal cones to add a bit more edge. 

Here is what you'll need:
fabric medium
embroidery thread
leather hole puncher 

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Style Idol//Claire Geist

I've found myself in a few fashion genres through the years in which I could be easily identified and labeled and couldn't believe what I had worn after resurfacing on the other side. I've always found menswear to be super appealing, professional, and somehow really sexy when done right. Claire Geist of De Lune continually awes me when it comes to personal style and her ability to incorporate menswear. She seemingly effortlessly throws together somewhat androgynous looks that seem both casual and professional. Not to mention her ability to put together beautiful monochromatic outfits that show off her beautiful red curly bob. Style crush doesn't cut it, she is my style idol. Resurfacing after a blowout with vintage florals I've come a bit closer to my true personal style in appreciating menswear and look to Claire to guide me in ways of melding this trend into every day wear creating a more unique, put together look.
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Care to share any fashion woes or icons? Please do!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

In Love with Crochet..

I learned to crochet around 5 years ago. My great grandmother has always crocheted and knitted afghans and little treasures for our whole family. These treasures are so loved by me and will be cherished for years to come. My great grandmother went into the hospital a while ago for a brief stint (she's totally okay and back home) but it made me think about crocheting and how it kind of dropped to the side as I went through college. I decided to pick it up again and crocheted a dark teal blanket, I have an unfinished red beanie, and my current project is a granny square bag. Check out the way Marisa Noelle styles her granny square bag over at Shades of Monet, I love it.
I'm thinking mine will be more of a spring bag because I'm using neon green yarn. Fun right?! Anyway I always love to keep busy and crocheting is certainly one of my favorites. I love the idea of carrying on a skill, especially one so versatile, in which I can pass onto children, grandchildren and maybe even great grandchildren. I find that this will lend itself to many stories about my great grandmother and she will forever be in my life.

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Any skill that you've acquired that you can't wait to pass down?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thrift Find from Sherri

Hola, I'm Sherri and I blog over at SHERRIAMOUR. I'm a total thrift hunter and always down for a good bargain. Almost all of my outfits include at least one thrifted item. Today I want to share with ya'll one of my favorite lucky finds.


I found these original vintage Hunters and couldn't believe when I saw them. I've always wanted a pair and even in the army green color and here they were! Even though they may be a tad too big, I'm going to sport them anyway. and I definitely couldn't pass this one up! 

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Woah Woah Woah! Such an awesome thrift find..I actually want the exact pair! Great find Sherri, thanks for sharing!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Lately I've been thinking that I need to step back from blogging. I've often forced myself to blog every single day when I'm scrambling to put something together for lack of time or inspiration. I also had been forcing myself to try to post a craft every day and it was just a bit too much pressure for me. I started this blog a year ago this month in order to make myself feel as though I had a place in the world because I had just moved away from the only home I knew and it definitely helped because I met some amazing blog friends and found a place to share my shop and crafts. I just want to step back in order to post better material and when it is convenient for me. Blogging isn't my job and it was meant for other purposes than what it had become lately. I hope that you all understand and know that I won't disappear. I just won't be posting daily (but if I do it will be instagram photos!)

Thanks for always being such great listeners and readers, I appreciate you all! 
(I'm still reading your blogs too!)

Monday, February 6, 2012

February Sponsors

Now it is time to meet your February sponsors! (Like Patti Stanger from Millionaire Matchmaker..."now it's time to meet your millionaires" These are some wonderful ladies who have amazing talents and great corners of the blogging world in which they show them off! Go visit them and show them some love. Thanks so much for stopping in! - Lo


Hi! The name is Bri and I write Breezy Days, my own lil' nook here in blogland. I'm a newly married college student from Southern California and currently living in Utah (where I'm freezing my be-hind off!). I write about a cornucopia of things: my experiences as a young newlywed, my embarrassing moments that come with being the nerdy blonde I am, the outfits I create from my wardrobe, the story of how my husby/bff came to be, the woes of having braces on for a second time, the do-it-yourself projects I create on my kitchen table, and the recipes I attempt for my football player of a husband and basketball playing brother. If any of that sounds like your cup of 7-11 hot chocolate. I'd love to hear from you over at Breezy Days :)

Hi my name is Jessica and I blog over Jessica Chronicled.  I'm a twenty-something almost college graduate with a love for my Savior, my husband, photography, style, and all things creative.  I like to blog about all of those things.  And my favorite part of the blogosphere is the friendships that I've been able to make because of blogging, and the way we all get to be encouraging to each other.  I think that each person has a unique story and being able to share that may make a difference in someone's life. 

Hi friends! I'm Sherri from over here at Sherri Amour. I'm from Winnipeg, Canada and I hunt for thrifted treasures. In my little corner of the blog world I share my personal style, daily musings, and photo diary. Oh and I represent modest thrifted fashion. You'll find out right away that I love to pinch the penny. I love dancing, eating gelati, sewing, and chillin' with the fam and friends. 

Please do hop on over and say hello! Thanks for having me Lo :)

Hi! My name is Ashlie Blake and I am a mixed media artist, creative dreamer, blogger and all lover of life. Living in upstate New York with my husband and three young boys I spend all my free time creating mixed media pieces in my very own art studio. I am inspired by just about anything, but especially nature and the goodness that life has to offer. I like to notice the small things and observe it with an artist's eye. In my work you will find whimsical girls, animals, and tiny towns in my own unique style. My work is colorful and vibrant, provokes emotion and often includes a quote or word. View me in January's issue of Somerset Studio and again in the upcoming March issue. Visit me at my blog or Etsy shop.

Hey guys! I'm Elisabeth and I blog over at La Vita e Bella. 
A little bit about me: 
1. I love icecream, my husband, and the color blue.
2. I detest running long distances, lose-lose situations, and not being able to fall asleep at night. 
3. I could spend my whole life dancing, eating, and traveling and be perfectly happy. 
On my blog you'll find snippets of my life as a college student, newly wed, and chocolate addict. I share recipes I adore, outfits I love and places I frequent. Stop by and say hi, I'd love to have you :) 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tattoo Fever

So I've been thinking a lot about getting another tattoo. I plan to get one above my elbow, one on my ribs, and on my feet. Here are my ideas:

For above my elbow I'm thinking a mix of this beautiful frame with silhouette.
(Juice glass from Anthropologie)
(Katie from Katie's Pencil box tattoo)
So I did a very rough sketch of what I'm looking for, an elephant silhouette with ornate frame. I think I would want the frame to have a bit cleaner lines like Katie's tattoo though.

 On my feet I would love one foot to have something along these lines:
And the other foot would be along these lines (only more similar in style to that of the above):
(Seablanket tattoo)

And as for my ribs I would like a dreamcatcher tattoo (not entirely like this or as large)
Probably a bit more like this print that I own from A Lost Feather shop
You can check out all my ink inspirations over at pinterest here

Do you have any tattoos? Do you want more?

Thursday, February 2, 2012


One of my new found favorite little meals (I've been trying to have 6 small meals a day) is this yogurt and fruit combination that tastes so delicious. I use geek yogurt, handful of raspberries and blueberries, and agave nectar. You've got to try may need to be my post workout treat for the mornings. 
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I've had a fairly busy week and I would really love to sleep in on Saturday...anyone else excited for that?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Green DIY: Discarded Library Book

I found a book recently left to go in a landfill. It was stamped discarded. I thought I would bring new life to this book in a few ways but I will show you the wall art version today.
The book was about the Voyager and had very cool old looking photos of space. I cut out all the very cool photos and scattered them on my table. This DIY was very much a trial and error type.
I first tried a collage and did not like the outcome at all. It may have been cooler as a mobile but not as art to hang in my ended up looking like a project I did for science in 4th grade. 
The second attempt included water colors and strips of planets with the moon in the center (for some reason you can't see that in the picture) but it ended up not working at all. 
 I decided to take a much simpler approach and came out with the above. I used a page that had several moons on it the background and cut out a larger moon to place over it. Then I used left over scrap watercolor to make a banner that says "There's no glitter in the gutter there's no twilight galaxy", which is from a favorite Metric song. 
I really like the way it came out especially with the white mat and the thick black frame. I have another DIY to share with you another time that includes using the rest of the book. If you ever happen to see a discarded book laying around think of other purposes for it, you never know what kind of magic you can make.

Check out my new lovely sponsors to the left! They are so wonderful, more on them later. 

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