Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I really wanted to take cool Day of the Dead themed pictures and had found really amazing makeup but couldn't remember where I found it until Jill posted this. I think they came out great and it was so so cold. A group of High School students passed our house as we were taking pictures and I could hear them whispering, "she looks really creepy". I wonder what people were thinking as they drove by, scary makeup, huge lights...horror movie? 

Should we send one of these out as our Christmas cards this year?

 What did you do this weekend? I hope you enjoy your Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Recap: Instagrams

..Something to look forward to this week..
..I love finding cute chalk drawings..
..leather rabbit charm bracelet.. snowed this weekend :(..
..I worked on new and exciting things for my shop..
..found this at the goodwill this week for $5..
..oh, but before it snowed this weekend it rained..
..this will be for tonight, hope to show you something awesome..
..this is Maven's most favorite time of year.. sweet boy and I celebrated 2 years, lots of sweet things were said at a sushi dinner..
..i doodled this whilst my sweet boy watched MMA, I want it as a tattoo on my elbow..
..I had a magic hat beer, which totally brought me back to the nights we used to laugh and run down the streets in crisp Burlington VT weather..

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Friday, October 28, 2011

His & Hers Camera


These pictures were taken this summer. His were taken with instagram. Hers were taken with wide angle toy camera. Win a similar one here

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Green Guest DIY: Gentri Lee

Hey wonderful Little Something readers! I've had so much fun creating a more purposeful blog here by giving you green DIY's. Today we have a fantastic and seasonal guest post from Gentri Lee blog. Gentri did such a great job and I cannot wait to try this myself! Thanks Gentri for playing along, please thank her too by commenting and checking out her awesome blog! 


Hey everyone! I'm SUPER excited to be guest posting on lovely lo's blog today. I think this green project is such a wonderful thing and I'm so excited to be able to take part in it. :) My name is Gentri and I blog over at Gentri Lee. The other day as I was admiring the pumpkins that I grew in my very own backyard, and I thought about how much of the pumpkin we waste when we simply carve them into jack-o-lanterns at this time of year. While I am a lover of pumpkin carving, I decided I should come up with something else I could do with all of that wonderful pumpkin. Here's what I decided to try (I fully plan on trying other things as well): Pumpkin Puree!! Yup, I decided to make my very own pumpkin puree! There is so much you can make with that stuff! After some research, I decided it shouldn't be too hard to make and went for it. Here are the steps to making your very own Pumpkin Puree. *note* I ended up using store bought pumpkins for this so that my garden grown pumpkins would be able to sit on my porch longer... haha! Step 1: Pick Your Pumpkins and Wash Most of the sources I found online said that the smaller the pumpkin the sweeter it will be and the better it will be for cooking. There are actually specific pumpkins for cooking. So I suggest getting that kind. When I brought them home I stuck them in the sink and rinsed them off. You're not going to be eating the skin, but they were getting dirt everywhere (like all over my white sweater... what was I thinking??) 

  Step 2: Cut the Tops Off Your Pumpkins and Slice Into Sections: This was the hardest steps. Pumpkins are NOT easy to slice through... Step 3: Scoop Out the Innards: Pretty self explanatory. Feel free to save the seeds to roast later! And don't worry about getting all of the stringy stuff off. You can take it off easier later. 
PhotobucketStep 4: Place Sliced Pumpkin On a Cookie Sheet and Bake: Bake the sliced pumpkin for 45 min. at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. No need to grease the pan or anything. Just plop them in. Step 5: Test Pumpkin With a Fork: Simply stick a fork in the pumpkin to make sure it's tender. It will be a golden brown when it's done. Photobucket Step 6: Slice Off Skin and Puree: Using a knife slice off any part of the pumpkin you don't want. Like the skin (it will come off easily) and the extra stringy stuff (anyone know if there's an actual term for that?? haha!). Once it's all "clean" place in a food processor, blender, whatever- and puree. You want it really smooth. (You could even stick it in a bowl and use a potato masher. It would just take longer.) Step 7: Place in a Bowl: I had to repeat step 6 a few times since there was so much, so I placed the already pureed pumpkin in a bowl and set aside until I was through pureeing all of it. 
Photobucket    Step 8: Place in Ziploc Bags and Freeze I mostly use pumpkin puree for pumpkin cookies, and my favorite recipe calls for 2 cups of puree. So I separated the puree into 3 bags with 2 cups of puree each so it's ready to go next time I want to make cookies. Place them in the freezer until they're ready to use! Photobucket   I actually ended up using 2 cups of the puree right away (or I would have had 4 bags) to test it out. They turned out so delicious! It's so fun to say that I truly made these cookies from scratch! No processed puree- just fresh and pure puree. :) I'm so excited to use this for other recipes as well! Next up on my list is Pumpkin Soup! YUM! :D Let me know if you make your own puree! I'd love to hear how you like it! Thank you Lo for letting me be a part of such an awesome project! I hope you all enjoyed it. :) I'd love for you to stop by my little bloggy anytime! Love, Gentri


Be sure to continue to check in for more great green DIY's to come. I have two more up my finished and one I'm getting supplies for today! So exciting!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wed Me Wednesday: Whichgoose

If you think you are a fairytale princess and deserve the most perfect and etherial wedding look no further for accessories, Whichgoose Etsy shop has you covered. This shop displays the cutest and most delicate looking crowns in the most fantastic shades of pink, burgundy, cream, and robins egg blue. The color palettes within each accessory are enough to plan your whole wedding around. So I set out to do just that...well scaled back a bit of course!

Picking up the burgundy and blues in the headband. 

Mix modern blue Eames chairs with vintage wooden ones. Keep the rest clean and simple with oversized white tables along with white dishes/cutlery with golden glitter all over the top of the table. 

Have invitations laser cut in a burgundy leather.

**All pictures except the crown picture are via Pinterest**

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Printed Peaks Giveaway!

Hello lovely readers! I appreciate your participation and continuing to follow up on what is going on over here. I would love for you all to enter the special giveaway I am offering over at Gentri Lee blog today. I am offering a Bromley necklace from my Printed Peaks shop. If you are unsure of the story behind Printed Peaks check here. Gentri is such a sweet gal and is currently having me work on a custom piece for her. So very exciting! I am very honored! I am so thankful to be offering this giveaway and hope that more people will understand the hard work and dedication I have put into my shop. One day I would like to sell more than I give away. haha. But for now I do so much love giving these to people who love them and who have been such great people to meet (that means YOU!). Go ahead, click here and enter. Psst. You actually have 14 ways of winning, hows that for odds!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Toast Tuesday: Sunshine and Carousels

This weeks Toast Tuesday is all about the accessories! I've always loved headbands and other accessories to brighten up any outfit. After recently seeing an outfit post by Katie of Skunkboy Creatures I discovered that her velvety teal headband was from Sunshine and Carousels

I quickly went to visit their etsy shop and fell in love with their mix of vintage and modern. Perfect for any girl who covets the hats and headpieces of years past but whose closet is filled with more modern pieces. I was lucky enough to talk with Erin of Sunshine and Carousels and she told me of what inspired her to start the shop:
"What inspired me to open an etsy shop was sort of a long process. It started with finding a few blogs, before I really knew what blogs were, about three years ago. They all, I think, had some sort of a handmade or art business that they all ran through etsy and they really inspired me. It was something I knew I always wanted to do seriously but I put it off for a couple of years. Finally the beginning of 2010 I started thinking about it more seriously but wasn't sure what route to take. I started making a few, what I almost call 'random' things with supplies I had hoarded over the years. I just kept making, practicing and trying everything until I really figured out what worked for me and my style and what was a viable business to run. So I started selling a handful of items beginning of 2010 on etsy and by May of 2010 I really started to focus of my niche, branching out beyond etsy and building my business. I now run my business Sunshine and Carousels full time and I design new collections per season. It's the most rewarding and fulfilling career. I could not be happier." 

I could not be more inspired by this story. I think that Erin touched on great points. Do what you love and what your good at, don't force anything. I think that is key in success. 

Here are a few of my favorite pieces (I've been searching for cute and affordable ascot pins):

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Friend Flickr Photos

Mariposa Grove
Tokyo Sunset Snowball fight
Mojave sunrise

These are some of my favorite photos from my friend Mike Dempsey's flickr.
{Psst..My sweet boy is the one getting the snowball to the face}.

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Recap: Instagrams

..This may be my favorite instagram I've taken..

That is just a little recap from the previous week and the weekend. The weekend went by so quickly. 
Some things to expect this week include a fantastic Toast Tuesday from Sunshine and Carousels. You may have seen Katie of Skunkboy Creatures wearing the prettiest headbands from this shop. Also expect a fun guest post green DIY and much more! 

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