Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Green DIY: Discarded Library Book

I found a book recently left to go in a landfill. It was stamped discarded. I thought I would bring new life to this book in a few ways but I will show you the wall art version today.
The book was about the Voyager and had very cool old looking photos of space. I cut out all the very cool photos and scattered them on my table. This DIY was very much a trial and error type.
I first tried a collage and did not like the outcome at all. It may have been cooler as a mobile but not as art to hang in my ended up looking like a project I did for science in 4th grade. 
The second attempt included water colors and strips of planets with the moon in the center (for some reason you can't see that in the picture) but it ended up not working at all. 
 I decided to take a much simpler approach and came out with the above. I used a page that had several moons on it the background and cut out a larger moon to place over it. Then I used left over scrap watercolor to make a banner that says "There's no glitter in the gutter there's no twilight galaxy", which is from a favorite Metric song. 
I really like the way it came out especially with the white mat and the thick black frame. I have another DIY to share with you another time that includes using the rest of the book. If you ever happen to see a discarded book laying around think of other purposes for it, you never know what kind of magic you can make.

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Thanks for stopping in, hope you enjoyed this DIY!


  1. I hate the thought of a book being stamped "discarded" - so sad! But lucky you were there to make it into something new :)

    I LOVE Metric too :)

  2. I love this DIY! I think it's really neat to reuse old library books. I found an old home decor book at a thrift store and I'm debating what I want to turn it in to. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. what a really cute idea but yes i agree with suki, so sad that it was stamped discarded!


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