About Me

..illustrated by Lyndall..

Hi! I'm Lo! I absolutely love taking photos, my cat Maven and searching for amazing 70's patterns whilst thrifting. My newest hobbies are repurposing old clothing, and reading up on practically anything that interests me! I also wanted to start blogging with more of a purpose and decided to start making this a place of "green" thoughts and habits.

On most weekends you can find me thrifting, hanging out and laughing with good friends, filming my sweet boy doing rollerblading tricks, reading a book and crafting or reading blogs.

Currently I have a few features going on which include:
  • Toast Tuesday -A day in which I celebrate Etsy shop owners and/or bloggers that I adore. 
  • Wed Me Wednesday- Showcases ideas that I have for stylings of weddings.
  • Little Somethings of Me- Whenever I feel like giving a little extra info about myself that I think will be handy to my readers in better understanding me and possibly themselves.
  • Rainy Day Crafts- Whenever I feel like making something new, I'm usually inspired by other works and then create my own DIY. 
  • His & Hers Camera - pictures taken both by my sweet boy and I on adventures with different cameras.
  • A Green Initiative- fun DIY's that keep the planet in mind.
If you would like to know even more about me here are a few Little Somethings of Me previous posts: Tid Bits, 10 Things I Miss About Vermont, A Love Story, Stress Eater, What Inspires You? Be sure to check out my other pages too to learn about my shop and how it all came to be. 

I love meeting new readers and bloggers. Please feel free to comment or email me at PrintedPeaks@gmail.com. If you comment on a post I will usually get back to you rather quickly, yet some escape me for reasons unknown. 

Thank you for visiting my blog! Hope you enjoy! -Lo