Friday, February 24, 2012

Style Idol//Claire Geist

I've found myself in a few fashion genres through the years in which I could be easily identified and labeled and couldn't believe what I had worn after resurfacing on the other side. I've always found menswear to be super appealing, professional, and somehow really sexy when done right. Claire Geist of De Lune continually awes me when it comes to personal style and her ability to incorporate menswear. She seemingly effortlessly throws together somewhat androgynous looks that seem both casual and professional. Not to mention her ability to put together beautiful monochromatic outfits that show off her beautiful red curly bob. Style crush doesn't cut it, she is my style idol. Resurfacing after a blowout with vintage florals I've come a bit closer to my true personal style in appreciating menswear and look to Claire to guide me in ways of melding this trend into every day wear creating a more unique, put together look.
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Care to share any fashion woes or icons? Please do!


  1. She has awesome hair! And style. Thanks for sharing, I'm inspired by her look elegant tom-boy look.

  2. Her style is really gorgeous! I especially love the first one! :) I think my style icon is probably Sydney from The Daybook blog. Plus she's so darn hilarious, haha.


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