Friday, February 3, 2012

Tattoo Fever

So I've been thinking a lot about getting another tattoo. I plan to get one above my elbow, one on my ribs, and on my feet. Here are my ideas:

For above my elbow I'm thinking a mix of this beautiful frame with silhouette.
(Juice glass from Anthropologie)
(Katie from Katie's Pencil box tattoo)
So I did a very rough sketch of what I'm looking for, an elephant silhouette with ornate frame. I think I would want the frame to have a bit cleaner lines like Katie's tattoo though.

 On my feet I would love one foot to have something along these lines:
And the other foot would be along these lines (only more similar in style to that of the above):
(Seablanket tattoo)

And as for my ribs I would like a dreamcatcher tattoo (not entirely like this or as large)
Probably a bit more like this print that I own from A Lost Feather shop
You can check out all my ink inspirations over at pinterest here

Do you have any tattoos? Do you want more?


  1. cute post pictures if you get it!


  2. i LOVE that ship one! it is such a great design....i can't wait to get my next one. i think it will be for my birthday!

  3. I love the idea of a silhouette in a pretty frame! They all look so nice.

    I don't think I can commit to getting a tattoo! But if I did I'd love a botanical print style line drawing of a branch with leaves, in brown ink, going down the inside of my arm. Maybe one day...


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