Wed Me Wednesday: A Collection of Ideas

A section for wedding ideas that I absolutely love:

Save the Date/Invites

Bird and Banner invitation - I liked this style of invitation because it's really cute. Bird and Banner have so many good ideas.

Bird and Banner invites - I think that this is a great idea. The fabric sleeve gives off an eclectic feel. I may very well do the same except incorporate a vintage/vintage inspired fabric that will be throughout the wedding.


Decorations - Such a cute concept to have lanterns or anything adorable hanging from the trees.

Decorations - I love the idea of an almost ethereal wedding, outdoors...really pretty. 

Decorations Galore - I love the concept of having your own little photo booth. I feel like I read a comment on the Martha Stewart wedding website below this that said that it was pretty expensive. So, instead I had the idea of using a unique or vintage fabric as a backdrop, which would continue throughout the wedding in other areas as well like as a table runner, groomsmen pocket squares, guest book area..

50 Great Centerpieces - I love this photo from Martha Stewart wedding because it's adorable from the scalloped banner to the various sizes and colors of vases. It's eclectic and laid back. I love that so many seemingly different elements can come together magnificently.

Bohemian Centerpieces - I like this a lot because it adds a sense of laid-back playfulness. Also, the hoops add a little bit of vintage flare. Instead of the muted tones I could use the vintage or vintage inspired fabric (used for the backdrop for pictures, the table arrangement) for the hoops.

Napkins - I'd like to have a summer wedding outdoors and I thought this vintage inspired look would really fit in.

Flowers - I think these are really cute. Since my wedding will hopefully be outdoors these would be cute on the back of chairs, at the guest book table or even as bridesmaid bouquets. I also really love that the bride made this herself. I love anything I can DIY.

Hand-made Flower Bouquet - This is absolutely my favorite. The colors are perfect and the flowers are to die for. I've been making my own flowers and using them on headbands. I think that this would certainly save on money instead of buying flowers. Yet, my ideal flowers are zinnias, which I may be able to grow myself.

Wedding Cake/Cupcakes

Cupcake Cake - I think that having cupcakes is a great idea because I could easily do it myself. I also kind of prefer cupcakes over cake.

Cake Topper - I like that this cake topper is not traditional. I think it's whimsy could add a lot of character to a wedding. 

Cakes- I like the idea of having plural cakes, but smaller. These cakes also look vintage inspired.

Wedding Favors

Kite Favor - This is a really cute idea. I think it would be neat to make these in coordinating colors and for guests to fly them at the end of the reception.

Little Terrarium - These are so so cute. I'm surprised I don't already own several mini terrariums for around the house. I think these would make for really nice guest gifts. 

Vintage Handkerchief Card - Bird and Banner are the best. These are really cute and go along with my love for vintage. This could make really cute gifts or I think they also make handkerchief invites...which is certainly something to think about. 

Wedding Attire

Headband - I think this headband would look absolutely adorable with the yellow bridesmaid dresses below.

Pocket Square - I really like this idea but I think I would love to see vintage scarfs tucked neatly into the groomsmen pockets. 

Bridesmaid dress - Yellow is one of my all-time favorite colors. I think that this color would be gorgeous in a backyard summer wedding. Although I understand that not all bridesmaids have the same bodies, so I would probably have my bridesmaids pick out the style of dress they are most comfortable in. 

Bridesmaid Earrings - The website gave the idea to give these as thank-you gifts to the bridesmaids. I think that something adorable like these earrings would be a perfect gift and would bring the perfect touch to the yellow dress.

Guest Book Ideas

Guest Book - I like this idea because it's something that can stay with you forever and it looks really cool.

Guest book - I really love looking at guest book ideas because I love stationary and just how creative you can get with it. Martha Stewart obviously always comes up with fun/cute/unique ideas.

Special Note Guest Book - This guest book idea is called the "eclectic guest book". I think that this idea is so cute and special. I would love to receive all sorts of different and beautiful notes from my wonderful guests.

Silhouettes - I would love to have silhouettes made for the guest book table, which could then be hung up in our house, possibly above the bed. I also thought it would be neat to make a cat and dog silhouette since I brought the cat and he brought the dog to the relationship.

Seating Chart Ideas

Table Assignments - I love this idea! I think the fabric is perfect and as I mentioned before it would also be cute fabric for the backdrop.

Escort Card Display - Very cute and matches the cutlery.

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