Monday, March 28, 2011

Charles Island

My boyfriend and I took an adventure this weekend to Charles Island. In our town there is a beach where you can walk out on a sandbar to an Island. It was extremely cold but we managed to get some pictures. I brought my polaroid camera (only the second time I've used it) and he brought his fancy Canon 7D. Here is the outcome of our adventure collectively:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

a very pretty handmade kitty

I like making little stuffed animals for kids and adults. I made an elephant for myself that you can see under sewing creations. I recently made this hot pink with fruity pebble-esque leopard print detailed kitty cat.
I just used scrap fabric and embroidery thread. I made it as a gift for a family member. I would be more than happy to make one for any readers. Depending on price for material and shipping I would estimate around $15. You can e-mail me at with a color selection and your mailing address if you would like one. My boyfriend and I took an adventure today and hopefully I can post some pictures later on! :) - Little Lo Hood

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Graduation Outfits

Have you been looking forward to May this year? Is it possibly because you are graduating? My dear friend Marissa has requested a post for graduation outfits, and here it is. I hope that many more of you will make requests because I like pleasing my little audience!

I cannot believe that this May will announce a year since my graduation from college.

I wore a blue dress from Urban Outfitters, a necklace that I always wear from Sweet Lady Jane, a couple vintage bracelets, and a pair of black flats. My outfit was pretty simple, and I was also very pale. I would suggest a little self-tanner mixed with lotion a couple days a week a few weeks before graduation. I personally believe that you should have a mature, kind of dressed up look, that is comfortable on graduation day. Graduation is often very long and sometimes too hot, dress appropriately.

Here's the line up of dresses I've chosen:
1.)Storybook Beginning Dress $94.99 from Modcloth
2.)'Pastelling' Secrets Dress $94.99 from Modcloth
3.) Set the Barre Dress $39.99 from Modcloth
4.) Milk Thistle Dress $67.99 from Modcloth

 I also suggest wearing flats since there is usually some sort of stair situation going on, that is unless you are a flawless heel walker and are unafraid of flailing on the ground in front of your entire university.
1.) Twist Stripe Lace up Flats $52.99 from Ruche
2.) Miss Macrame Flats $45.99 from Ruche
3.) Boggle Floral Lace Up Flats $46.99 from Ruche

There are so many combinations with these dresses and shoes. But these are some of my favorite combinations The Storybook Dress with the Twist Stripe Flats, The Pastelling Dress with the Miss Macrame Flats, The Set the Barre Dress with the Boggle Floral Flats, and the Milk Thistle Dress with the Twist Stripe Lace up Flats.

I wouldn't suggest bringing a bag or purse because you are usually crunched in with your classmates and then you have to deal with the whole hold the diploma, shake the hand, what do I do with my purse? situation. And maybe some cute vintage bangles and you have a cute floral graduation outfit! Hope this helps any of those who are searching for the perfect outfit! - Little Lo Hood

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cute Blanket How-To

If you add some leftover fabric, fancy trim and quilt batting you can make a very cute blanket. Oh, and don't forget some pins, a sewing machine, thread and some general hand sewing abilities.

In just 10 steps you can make a blanket too! Here's how:
Step 1: Find the fabric you are going to use, compare the size of the fabric to a blanket that you already have. Cut the fabric to the selected size.
Step 2: Set pattern sides face to face {for me: corduroy face to face} and put fancy trim on the inside {if you use pom pom trim the pom poms are facing inside, towards the center of the blanket}
Step 3: Be sure to pin the trim carefully. It takes a little time to get it straight and to be sure that you pin the fabric and the trim, but you'll get it.
Step 4: Start to sew, but check that you are sewing the fabric to the trim every once and a while, if not you can just back track and sew over it. Leave one side open to place batting inside.
Step 5: Once you have sewed 3 sides, turn inside out. All of the trim should be facing outwards.
Step 6: If you would like to add an iron on, there are tons of cute ones like the one I used, you can find them at Joanne's. So at this point iron that puppy on {I would use a scrap piece of fabric in between the iron-on and the iron just in case there is leftover water in the iron}
Step 7: Now cut your batting to the size of your blanket. I bought batting that was thinner because it was cheaper and then I just doubled it up. You can buy thicker batting or stack it to the thickness you prefer.
Step 8: Put the batting inside your blanket, making sure that its flat, which may take some maneuvering but if you are patient you will get it just right.
Step 9: Pin the remaining edge {fold down each side to make an even edge}
Step 10: Place the trim in between the folded pinned edges and hand sew the trim to the blanket.
Now you have a very cute and easy to make blanket! I hope you try this out and you can have some cute blankets of your very own creation! - Little Lo Hood

Thursday, March 10, 2011

DIY Delirium

I really love making things myself. Hand crafted items as opposed to purchasing items makes for a more rewarding experience as well as a unique item. I just came across Honestly WTF the other day, and they have crazy wonderful DIY's, it is honestly like WTF.

Here are a couple I can't wait to try out:

Friendship Necklace

 Moleskin Scrapbook - If you don't already own a moleskin I really suggest that you buy one! They are fantastic for keeping your measurements, grocery list, DIY ideas, things to do handy at all times.

I go by Katie has some awesome DIY's as well...including a lasagna that I really want to try!

I can't wait to make these tassel earrings from Studs and Pearls DIY!

I made this necklace last night after receiving some trinkets from a2zdesigns

I used a 42" chain that I bought from Joanne Fabric, which is where I also found the findings and beads. The vintage key is from a collection of keys that I have from my fathers old house. Elephant and cabochon from a2zdesigns. I'm really excited to make more and do different variations! I really need to finish a blanket I've been working on but it needs to be hand sewed and in my current cold induced state I may be able to finish it while watching TV after work tonight. I will be pumped full with some bubbly lemon lime drink, halls defense, along with delirious visions of DIY's. Hope you enjoyed! - Little Lo Hood