Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sneek Peeks of Printed Peaks

I whipped up one of these today, I am so proud and excited about it! 

I am so excited, if you couldn't already tell! Thanks for stopping by! - Lo

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweet Summer Finds

I recently found this purse and have used it every day since. How much do you love it? I really have no idea what they are called but these kinds of purses remind me of the multi-colored penny candy that comes on long strips that I used to get on family trips to Maine. I think I will be wearing it all summer! 

What about this sweet hunter green train case? I've been looking for suitcases to store things and just as a design element. I'm going to put all my supplies for my Etsy shop in this one! Find anything amazing lately? Thanks for stopping in! - Lo

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Design Quick Fix

I recently decided to get rid of the drawers on the bottom of my dresser. This dresser houses everything from crafts to clothes to our let's just say we get to look at it a lot. I put a lot of effort into decorating the top but knew that the drawers beneath that sagged and were broken needed a new life. I took the drawers out and with the help of my boyfriend took a drawer bottom and nailed it to the bottom of the dresser. I bought 3 blue boxes to store clothing, which gives me twice the amount of storage I had before. I didn't want to just leave it bare so I bought this really cute birch tree fabric and made curtains by using velcro. The velcro is a really nice touch because I can just peel it off whenever I need to get something. This project probably took me an hour and cost around $20.

Thanks for stopping by! - Lo

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sneak Peeks of Printed Peaks

I recently announced that I will be opening my Etsy shop: Printed Peaks. Today I would love to share with my lovely readers peeks of the process as well as the mission behind Printed Peaks. 

I came to Vermont this weekend in order to see my family but also to start creating "Printed Peaks". When I knew that I wanted to work with wood, the first person that came to mind was my father. My father has built countless architectural beauties. He is what many people would call a true craftsmen. I enjoy "Printed Peaks" already because it has been completely based off of my once and always home, Vermont. Vermont is filled with peaks, mountains, and everything nature related. The beauty of Vermont is only truly enjoyed by those visiting and those that once lived there. "Printed Peaks" is a true father-daughter team in which I have completely envisioned each and every aspect of the finished product and my father has made these images come to life. 

Each piece will have Vermont completely in mind. Each shape will communicate the image of peaks and nature. The images may be abstract but are still very consistent throughout my work. I will explain each abstract image when I have completed them. I have spent about 10 hours planning, sketching, and creating a bag full of holed wooden products just ready for some sand paper and my love in order to turn them into 20 magical necklaces ready for Etsy. I am completely in love with this product because it was dreamed up out of my love for Vermont and everything I miss about Vermont, but also because it was created with my father. I hope this got more of you to understand my vision behind "Printed Peaks" and hopefully very soon I will be sharing some finished products with you! I will be without internet for a while but know that I will be tirelessly working on many different projects including this one and will have much to share with you when I am back! Thanks for stopping by! - Lo

*All images related to "Printed Peaks" (as well as any pictures on my blog) should be sourced if you would like to share. "Printed Peaks"product is completely my own expression and protected as an original work of authorship and so copyright. *

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Outfit Accents in Pastels/Lune Netted Stone Necklace

Yesterday, I wore mostly grey, black, and white (sneakers, tank, cardigan, bandana headband) and then added pops of pastel with my new lune necklace and my scalloped sky blue socks. I had some extra time on my hands and found this wonderful lune tutorial yesterday and made my own netted stone necklace. I used a rock that I thought was kind of cool when my sweet boy and I went on an adventure on a sandbar to an island near our home. I thought it was a little silly that I kept it, but I ended up using it, and it has a sentimental purpose too! I think I will definitely make more of these necklaces! Thanks to Jill for this awesome tutorial and to those of you who stopped by! - Lo

Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Somethings of Me - 10 Things I Miss About Vermont

I am a North East gal and have endured 22 Vermont winters and soaked in the serene Vermont sunshine. I grew through trials and tribulations in a very small and quaint town like any other teenager and graduated in a class of 200. And instead of my intent of moving far away when college came around I merely traveled a meager 45 minutes to my beautiful campus - UVM in Burlington Vermont. In the beginning of my senior year I met a sweet boy who really made my heart skip a beat and he like no other before him was very different and seemed to have a heart just as big as mine. After school came to a final and screeching halt, after I submitted my teaching portfolio, after I taught a grueling summer school, and spent a sticky hot month at home I moved over 200 miles to be with that sweet boy. 

I will get to more about my sweet boy in another feature but for now I will focus on what I miss about my very first and always home. 

1.) I miss the smell of fall and the crinkle of rusty leaves under foot.
2.) I miss the fresh breeze flowing in during summer as I sit on the barstool in my mother's kitchen
3.) I miss hiking with friends and truly appreciating the beauty of Vermont at the pinnacle.
4.) I miss laughter shared between a dear friend and I.
5.) I miss the warmth in my heart when my whole family fills a room.
6.) I miss my brother & watching him grow leaps and bounds as high school unfolds for him.
7.) I miss warm embraces and voices of my parents.
8.) I miss the waterfront at Lake Champlain in Burlington, which always had a calming effect on me.
9.) I miss running around barefooted in shallow rivers or my backyard.
10.) I miss the handmade, organic, farmer's market, small town vibe.

Thanks for stopping by and learning a bit more about me! - Lo

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday in Photos

Splendidly Lazy Sunday/weekend happenings:
Learned to knit first row
Starbucks Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte
Cute thrown together outfit (white long blouse w. black jeans & eyelet keds)
Cinnamon Bun Ben & Jerry Ice Cream
Forever 21 crochet top purchase
Established a totally perfect and fitting name for my Etsy shop - Printed Peaks :)
Disposable Camera total flop! (I tried to destroy my disposable camera, giving my images a unique look but instead they came out super blurry..I spent 11 dollars but I decided that I will do some sort of art project with them so that my efforts won't be totally futile and at least now I know what to do for next time)

This week brings some new experiences such as subbing in a Kindergarten classroom! (ahh! I am so scared, crazy right?! they are only the smallest of children, but they are much more fragile and impressionable than the older students I am used to...wish me luck!) Also I'm subbing two other days, which will be hectic along with my other job, which will probably mean 9+ hour days, but I am very lucky to be so busy! Thanks for stopping by & I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!
 High fives, 

Ps: My very sweet boyfriend took these pictures and I kind of made him take a few...I am iphoneless, can you blame a blogger girl? 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Latest and Greatest

My latest creation has been this owl painting! I really really love how it came out! If only I could find a place for it! This picture doesn't even do this cute little owl justice! 

I am going to be adding a new little feature called "Little Somethings of Me". I realize that my blog hasn't been incredibly insightful on a more personal level and since I feel like I know so many of you, I thought I should share more of me! Also to come will be a sneak peek of my work area & a sneak peek of a lifelong dream/future endeavor of mine. I hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday & be sure to check back in! 

PS: Big thanks and appreciation goes to Renee over at Oh Renee Design. She is a really talented lady, and an inspiring blogger who just won the "Creative Blogger" award, much deserved. She has been extremely supportive of my little tiny blog and tagged me as "Ten Creative Ladies I Love"! I feel so honored and it has really made my whole day, possibly my whole month! Thank you to all the people who follow me whether you have subscribed or not...I am so appreciative of your support!

-high fives (since I am not much of an XO kind o' gal, yet still need to show my affection) , Lo

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love This!

I absolutely love this nightstand featured in design sponge's sneak peek with Lauren Shields! Not only is the nightstand intolerably cute but the whole place is perfectly decorated. I love looking through all of the sneak peeks. This type of nightstand with the thin drawers and slats above will be on my list of items to watch for while thrifting/antiquing. But I decided that if I can't find it, I will have my crafty father create one from an existing nightstand but just modify it. This is just one detail that I cannot wait to add to my decor. Anything you're in search of? - Lo

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Adventure Time USA

My boyfriend and I went on a little adventure today and he took some amazing pictures with his iphone.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! - Lo