Thursday, February 23, 2012

In Love with Crochet..

I learned to crochet around 5 years ago. My great grandmother has always crocheted and knitted afghans and little treasures for our whole family. These treasures are so loved by me and will be cherished for years to come. My great grandmother went into the hospital a while ago for a brief stint (she's totally okay and back home) but it made me think about crocheting and how it kind of dropped to the side as I went through college. I decided to pick it up again and crocheted a dark teal blanket, I have an unfinished red beanie, and my current project is a granny square bag. Check out the way Marisa Noelle styles her granny square bag over at Shades of Monet, I love it.
I'm thinking mine will be more of a spring bag because I'm using neon green yarn. Fun right?! Anyway I always love to keep busy and crocheting is certainly one of my favorites. I love the idea of carrying on a skill, especially one so versatile, in which I can pass onto children, grandchildren and maybe even great grandchildren. I find that this will lend itself to many stories about my great grandmother and she will forever be in my life.

Thank you for stopping in!
Any skill that you've acquired that you can't wait to pass down?


  1. I too love crocheting. I recently crocheted a bright yellow cowl that I can't seem to stop wearing. I wear it with everything!
    That bag is very cute. It looks perfect with that outfit.


  2. ooh that granny square bag is amazing!! i would love to make myself one just gotta find the time!

  3. Can't wait to see it! I've wanted a granny square afghan for a very long time. I tried crocheting once... I made a tiny scarf.

  4. regardless what is, i love seeing any skill passed down through generations mine will be sewing (of course)!


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