Monday, May 23, 2011

Sneak Peeks of Printed Peaks

I recently announced that I will be opening my Etsy shop: Printed Peaks. Today I would love to share with my lovely readers peeks of the process as well as the mission behind Printed Peaks. 

I came to Vermont this weekend in order to see my family but also to start creating "Printed Peaks". When I knew that I wanted to work with wood, the first person that came to mind was my father. My father has built countless architectural beauties. He is what many people would call a true craftsmen. I enjoy "Printed Peaks" already because it has been completely based off of my once and always home, Vermont. Vermont is filled with peaks, mountains, and everything nature related. The beauty of Vermont is only truly enjoyed by those visiting and those that once lived there. "Printed Peaks" is a true father-daughter team in which I have completely envisioned each and every aspect of the finished product and my father has made these images come to life. 

Each piece will have Vermont completely in mind. Each shape will communicate the image of peaks and nature. The images may be abstract but are still very consistent throughout my work. I will explain each abstract image when I have completed them. I have spent about 10 hours planning, sketching, and creating a bag full of holed wooden products just ready for some sand paper and my love in order to turn them into 20 magical necklaces ready for Etsy. I am completely in love with this product because it was dreamed up out of my love for Vermont and everything I miss about Vermont, but also because it was created with my father. I hope this got more of you to understand my vision behind "Printed Peaks" and hopefully very soon I will be sharing some finished products with you! I will be without internet for a while but know that I will be tirelessly working on many different projects including this one and will have much to share with you when I am back! Thanks for stopping by! - Lo

*All images related to "Printed Peaks" (as well as any pictures on my blog) should be sourced if you would like to share. "Printed Peaks"product is completely my own expression and protected as an original work of authorship and so copyright. *


  1. this sounds great! i can't wait to see your shop!

  2. wow.. i'm really excited to see what you come up with :) i looooove the name.. i think it's fantastic. and so great that you are getting to work with your dad on this project :)

  3. i am so excited to see your pieces come to life, and i am just plain excited for you! i have been wanting to go to vermont for forever. i have heard it is simply beautiful! how lucky that you got to grow up in such a beautiful place:)

  4. Yay! thanks everyone!! i'm so excited and think I can work on them today!!!

  5. This is absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see the finished product! How incredibly special. Love it!

  6. Very nice , Lauren! I am impressed!


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