Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Somethings of Me - 10 Things I Miss About Vermont

I am a North East gal and have endured 22 Vermont winters and soaked in the serene Vermont sunshine. I grew through trials and tribulations in a very small and quaint town like any other teenager and graduated in a class of 200. And instead of my intent of moving far away when college came around I merely traveled a meager 45 minutes to my beautiful campus - UVM in Burlington Vermont. In the beginning of my senior year I met a sweet boy who really made my heart skip a beat and he like no other before him was very different and seemed to have a heart just as big as mine. After school came to a final and screeching halt, after I submitted my teaching portfolio, after I taught a grueling summer school, and spent a sticky hot month at home I moved over 200 miles to be with that sweet boy. 

I will get to more about my sweet boy in another feature but for now I will focus on what I miss about my very first and always home. 

1.) I miss the smell of fall and the crinkle of rusty leaves under foot.
2.) I miss the fresh breeze flowing in during summer as I sit on the barstool in my mother's kitchen
3.) I miss hiking with friends and truly appreciating the beauty of Vermont at the pinnacle.
4.) I miss laughter shared between a dear friend and I.
5.) I miss the warmth in my heart when my whole family fills a room.
6.) I miss my brother & watching him grow leaps and bounds as high school unfolds for him.
7.) I miss warm embraces and voices of my parents.
8.) I miss the waterfront at Lake Champlain in Burlington, which always had a calming effect on me.
9.) I miss running around barefooted in shallow rivers or my backyard.
10.) I miss the handmade, organic, farmer's market, small town vibe.

Thanks for stopping by and learning a bit more about me! - Lo


  1. Vermont misses you too, Lauren!

  2. beautiful photos :) i love burlington.. i first saw uvm after i'd already graduated from college, but it was so gorgeous and i thought hmmmmm maybe i can do college again at this place! hehe

    it's always awesome to go home.. and at least 200 miles is drivable :)

  3. wow what a great post! i visited vermont last year and totally fell in love! i really want to take the mister, if i ever were to move to the east coast vermont is where i would head! i forget the town we went to but it was super small and so awesome! food was fantastic and just the vibe was amazing.. and talk about beauty! man the scenery is just so so beautiful! on our way back to boston we stopped at a cheese farm...i could have stayed there forever!!!


  4. I love this - I'm from NH and at school in the midwest and there are SO many things about new england that I miss!


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