Monday, May 9, 2011

Latest and Greatest

My latest creation has been this owl painting! I really really love how it came out! If only I could find a place for it! This picture doesn't even do this cute little owl justice! 

I am going to be adding a new little feature called "Little Somethings of Me". I realize that my blog hasn't been incredibly insightful on a more personal level and since I feel like I know so many of you, I thought I should share more of me! Also to come will be a sneak peek of my work area & a sneak peek of a lifelong dream/future endeavor of mine. I hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday & be sure to check back in! 

PS: Big thanks and appreciation goes to Renee over at Oh Renee Design. She is a really talented lady, and an inspiring blogger who just won the "Creative Blogger" award, much deserved. She has been extremely supportive of my little tiny blog and tagged me as "Ten Creative Ladies I Love"! I feel so honored and it has really made my whole day, possibly my whole month! Thank you to all the people who follow me whether you have subscribed or not...I am so appreciative of your support!

-high fives (since I am not much of an XO kind o' gal, yet still need to show my affection) , Lo


  1. Oh my goodness, Lauren! This is my most favorite creation by you! I LOVE IT! You must make more!

  2. congrats on the tag sweetie!!! oh and i know a perfect place for that oh so cute owl painting ;D



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