Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday in Photos

Splendidly Lazy Sunday/weekend happenings:
Learned to knit first row
Starbucks Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte
Cute thrown together outfit (white long blouse w. black jeans & eyelet keds)
Cinnamon Bun Ben & Jerry Ice Cream
Forever 21 crochet top purchase
Established a totally perfect and fitting name for my Etsy shop - Printed Peaks :)
Disposable Camera total flop! (I tried to destroy my disposable camera, giving my images a unique look but instead they came out super blurry..I spent 11 dollars but I decided that I will do some sort of art project with them so that my efforts won't be totally futile and at least now I know what to do for next time)

This week brings some new experiences such as subbing in a Kindergarten classroom! (ahh! I am so scared, crazy right?! they are only the smallest of children, but they are much more fragile and impressionable than the older students I am used to...wish me luck!) Also I'm subbing two other days, which will be hectic along with my other job, which will probably mean 9+ hour days, but I am very lucky to be so busy! Thanks for stopping by & I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!
 High fives, 

Ps: My very sweet boyfriend took these pictures and I kind of made him take a few...I am iphoneless, can you blame a blogger girl? 


  1. aw, good luck with the kindergarteners! they're so cute at that age.. i think it would be fun :) my mom used to teach kindergarten... actually- when i was that age haha.. so a whilllle ago, but she has some pictures from her classes.. sooo cute

  2. you are just so cute! don't worry sweetie, you are gonna do AMAZING and the little kiddos are just going to LOVE you to pieces!



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