Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Design Quick Fix

I recently decided to get rid of the drawers on the bottom of my dresser. This dresser houses everything from crafts to clothes to our let's just say we get to look at it a lot. I put a lot of effort into decorating the top but knew that the drawers beneath that sagged and were broken needed a new life. I took the drawers out and with the help of my boyfriend took a drawer bottom and nailed it to the bottom of the dresser. I bought 3 blue boxes to store clothing, which gives me twice the amount of storage I had before. I didn't want to just leave it bare so I bought this really cute birch tree fabric and made curtains by using velcro. The velcro is a really nice touch because I can just peel it off whenever I need to get something. This project probably took me an hour and cost around $20.

Thanks for stopping by! - Lo


  1. This looks great! I love it.

  2. you did such a great job, i love it! we had something similar but it was from ikea so it basically fell apart...long story short...i tried to make curtains and had huge plans for it but never got around to it...we no longer have it anymore which solved problem.



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