Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweet Summer Finds

I recently found this purse and have used it every day since. How much do you love it? I really have no idea what they are called but these kinds of purses remind me of the multi-colored penny candy that comes on long strips that I used to get on family trips to Maine. I think I will be wearing it all summer! 

What about this sweet hunter green train case? I've been looking for suitcases to store things and just as a design element. I'm going to put all my supplies for my Etsy shop in this one! Find anything amazing lately? Thanks for stopping in! - Lo


  1. WOW! both excellent finds!!! i want that purse so bad!!! you are one lucky lady!


  2. ahhh i love that purse. i would use it all the time too! <3


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