Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight II: Whiskey Shores

Now for the second spotlight on Whiskey Shores. Hannah did some weaving while at school check out the pictures and what she has to say about it below.

I spent quite a bit of time weaving in school and recently acquired my very own! 

1. the loom I used at school
2. an in-progress weaving I did last spring
3. bleaching & dying the yarn before I put it on the loom (that right there was the biggest thing I ever made 27" wide and about 6-7' long!)

Weaving takes a lot of planning and patience, but it's so satisfying to create a piece of fabric out of practically nothing.

Want to know more about Hannah? Find her here:


  1. aw man i miss my loom. i did a lot of weaving while at school too and when we moved i bought one and sadly had to sell it. so awesome to find another weaver!

  2. wow weaving is intense! I cant believe you do it on your own. I wish I had creative ability like that! very cool

    love from San Francisco,


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