Friday, December 2, 2011

Dinner...It's Whats For Dinner

 So if you didn't already know, my boyfriend is a super awesome rollerblader and so are all of our friends. This is a trailer to their newest installment of their rollerblading saga. 
First there was Breakfast

I know that most people don't watch videos but really really watch this video...I'm not a rollerblader, yes I have connections, but it is so amazing to watch and you just want more...which is exactly what a trailer is supposed to do. And did I mention that the trailer to their first video, Breakfast, is one of my all time favorite videos..EVER. 
Oh yup, just my sweet boy in some spaget. We all can't wait for the video to come out. It is going to be so good!

My sweet boy was interviewed along with all the guys and at the end my sweet boy thanked me

"Casey Geraghty: Lastly, I'd like to thank Lauren, my girlfriend for filming me skate, and looking out for spots for me." How sweet! Find the full interview here.

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Happy Friday!

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  1. this video and pic are so inspiring me!!!

    lovely blog!!

  2. I had no idea that people roller bladed still. I'm glad it's back and with bacon!


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