Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wed Me Wednesday

I tried on this vintage wedding dress over the weekend. Only $50. Totally fit me. 
The peachy/pink undergarment although beautiful on the hanger was not beautiful against my skin.
If it were a white/cream color it totally would have been mine!
Oh, and did I mention I'm not even engaged!
I am laughable!

Would you ever buy a wedding dress without being engaged at the risk of seeming like a crazy wedding obsessed woman?

Thanks for stopping in and laughing with (..or should I say at) me!

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  1. It's so pretty! I'm engaged, but I would probably buy a vintage wedding dress if I wasn't...maybe I would hem it and turn it in to a short party dress? lol :)

  2. hehe i totally would! so cute!

    <3 steffy

  3. it is so pretty! if it fit perfect and was just had to have then yes i would buy a wedding dress even if i wasn't engaged. a good wedding dress is hard to find especially a vintage one!

  4. I love your Wed me Wednesdays! I totally want to wear a vintage wedding dress and have vintage bridesmaid dresses. I'm not even engaged and I have bought myself a vintage dress from a thrift store. hehe. It was only $ I thought why not?

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  6. I can understand the urge to try them on, but you can't buy if you're not engaged unless the dress is $50! Haha! I bought a thrift store wedding dress when I was 19 - but only to bloody it up for a Halloween costume. It still felt wrong, though!

  7. Hehe, well I'm not engaged and have no intention of getting married, but I've still got both my mum's and my nanna's wedding dresses put aside just in case...


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