Monday, November 28, 2011

Group Giveaway: Thank You Readers! (Closed)

I really wanted to thank all of you for being such amazing people. Your blogs, shops, and ideas inspire me and I am so thankful that you stop by once in a while or even daily (craziness to me). Lovely readers donated the giveaway items, how nice right?! So enter this nice little giveaway and visit these lovely people.

1. Elemental Postcards from Kiley
Hello everyone, My name is Kiley M and I am the woman behind Let It Be Raw Photography. I've been a photographer for over 5 years, but didn't consider it as a career until a few months ago. I was trying so hard to learn new things and figure out what I wanted to do that I almost over-looked my love of photography. Since then, I started a little print shop to sell my photographs and designs to fund my small business and save up for camera supplies. Starting from scratch is frustratingly slow at times, but I love what I do!

2. A paper banner from Romi
I'm Romi! I am a young adult, reader (avid) and writer. Making things to sell on my etsy shop is one of my favourite things to do and it makes me gloriously relaxed, that, playing with my Rabbit Hugo, fish Hessy and Bob and my family all make me wonderfully happy. My shop was started in June this year when I started to make steampunk jewelery to sell, I use old watchparts, lockets, twine, paper, books, bunting, fimo and anything else that catches my eye. And I also make and sell zines, on another etsy shop. (Willowsandwhispers)

3. A custom pin from Suki
Hi, I'm Suki of The Owl Club, a blog and little shop named after a club I started when I was a very small, owl-loving girl, with a newsletter I cut and pasted together myself, photocopied and sent out to friends. So along with my love of owls came a love of collage and creating things. I make mini-collages by hand using my collection of modern and vintage magazines and ephemera from across the globe and then fix them into pinback badges. They have been used for wedding photos, baby showers, pregnancy announcements, birthdays, conventions etc. I love the idea of re-using images and letters in a new context, and I also love to make pretty little badges from vintage fabric or leftover scraps (my mother taught me to sew last year and I'm now quite obsessed with sewing and fabric!) I have a lovely French husband, a sweet, lively toddler and a full time day job, so things are pretty busy, but that's the way I like them!

4. A bracelet from me
Hi lovely readers, I'm Lo and I think if you're here you probably know a thing or two about me. But these bracelets haven't graced my shop yet and are made from vintage scarves. I can't wait to send one of you this lovely bracelet.

5. Winner's choice of necklace from Shannon
Hiya!  I'm Shannon and I run the little blog shannon*bear. I like to drink lots of coffee, play with my little blue, Daisy Bear, listen to my Mr. play guitar, take lots of photographs, and make pretty things to put in my shop! I'm a photographer full time and am working on developing my business. It's probably one of the most fun endeavors I could have ever imagined! In my free time I love to make things come to life through leather and fabric and maybe a little magic too. Be sure to stop by my blog and say hello! 

Lo and I couldn't choose between an arrow or feather necklace, so we decided to let the winner choose! Good luck! xo Shannon

6. Decorative Patch from Olivia
Olivia Mew of Fewer Few donated this lovely patch to adorn a bag or vest with. I purchased one for myself with a lovely fox on it and cannot wait to find a home for it and prance around town with it. I know you will love it too!

Readers! Here are the rules:
-One prize per winner, which means 6 winners!
-Mandatory: Follow me on GFC (google friend connect)
-Comment and tell me your favorite feature on my blog
-Leave an email so we may contact you if you win!
Winners will be chosen by a random number generator.

Extra Entries (which can only be done after you have done the above):
-Visit a featured shop and add it to your etsy favorites (leave a comment)
-Visit a featured blog and follow (leave a comment)
-Follow me on twitter (leave a comment)
-Follow me on bloglovin' (leave a comment)
-Tweet about this giveaway (leave a comment)

This giveaway will be closed Monday Dec. 5th
Thanks again to all of you who donated and to all my readers!
You are so special to me! Good luck!


  1. Wooooohooooo! I do wish I had had something to donate. But you have a lovely group of ladies here! I love everything! Of course I'm a follower, you have my email, phone number, and address. Haha! Aaaaand my favorite feature you do would be the green project :)

  2. I already follow I think all of these bloggers. Haha!

  3. I already heart most of these shops!

  4. Aaaaand I already follow you on bloglovin!

  5. Yay, it's so cool that I'm allowed to donate AND enter! Thanks! :)

    Of course I already follow your blog and I have to agree with Gentri: I love your green DIYs they are so inspiring! But I also love the look of your blog and all the pretty pictures, and the way you support handmade trade!

  6. I tweeted about the giveaway (@theowlclub) and also just put up a post on my blog to let my readers know about it :)

  7. i follow you via gfc
    i love this giveaway on your blog:)
    southernsopink (at) gmail (dot) come

  8. i favorited the owl club shop on etsy<3

  9. I follow!
    My favourite features on your blog? I love seeing the things you make, how you sometimes feature them on here, that and the post about people about town wearing your necklaces ect.

    contact (dot) romif (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. I have already hearted your etsy store!

  11. I hearted Let it Be raw on etsy.

  12. Follow you via bloglovin

  13. so many great prizes! one of my favorites on your blog are your phone photos. i always enjoy those on everyone's blogs, it's a neat look into everyday life!

  14. Wow!! I am a HUGE fan of Suki's blog, but am loving everything else so much : ) Congrats to the winner in advance! xoxo


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