Monday, December 5, 2011

Instagram Wrap Up & Giveaway Winners!

 ..We decorated our Chirstmas tree over the weekend while sipping hot cocoa and fluff..
 ..Sometimes I really forget I have this tattoo on my ankle..
 ..A sweet little puppy..
 ..I love these shoes ($15 @ Kmart!) and my socks..
 ..Plan to see a quick DIY on making a neckerchief..
 ..Wrapped my first package on Dec. 1st!..
..Sushi is usually a Thursday night thing and I cannot wait till this Thursday!..

AND the winners are:

Congrats to the winners! I will personally email Brynna and Suki since I will be sending out your prizes and the rest of you will be shortly contacted by the donator of your prize! 
Once again thanks for entering, thanks for donating and thanks for reading!



  1. Oh how lovely, I'm so excited!! I can't wait to see the beautiful scarf bracelet. Thank you so much!

    Thanks so much again for hosting such a fabulous giveaway and for all the inspiration on your blog :)

  2. Wooooohooooo!! Thank you Lo!! I'm so excited!! :D
    Lo e the instagrams, as always!

  3. what a great weekend. way to go kmart! those shoes are totally soooooo cute!

  4. Yay! I'm glad to have participated and excited to have won!

  5. Fun instagrams! I love sushi! And presents. And those shoes! :)

  6. Love! Thank you again Lo! Love all the things donated and I had such fun! Can't wait until christmas!

  7. oh look at that...i'm on your famous blog!!(: so excited! thank you so much for hosting, Lo!


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