Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Somethings of Me: Confession

My "Little Somethings of Me" posts are created to help me communicate with my readers. I often feel like when I reach a blog I either feel as though I know entirely too much about that person or not at all enough. Although I still like a bit of anonymity, as I think all bloggers have their right to. I do like to share with you all what happens in my life and events that have shaped who I am. I know that when I read posts that are honest and when I can see the blogger shine through are the ones I relate most to. 

My confession isn't dark and deep but it is something indeed that I need to get off my chest.
Have you ever felt so nervous about something that you almost avoid it at all costs? Well I've found myself at that exact impasse with my essay application to graduate school. I know that I will eventually get it done but I don't know that it will be excellent or even good. And that is my main fear, because I know so much rests on it. I know my happiness depends on whether or not I receive an acceptance letter. I know this letter could determine what I do for the rest of my life. And I know that a big deal of my fears and anxiety over this have to do with my warped view of success. Sometimes I see small failures as large blows on my overall success. I hope that in confessing this to you all and putting it into writing will help me finally face my fears. 

Have you ever felt this way? Or have you ever examined your views on success and what it means to you?

Thank you for stopping in!

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  1. your essay is a huge deal and you have every right to make a huge deal about it but that could be what is blocking you from writing and feeling uninspired. i think maybe just starting out and writing from your heart like one big train of thought first might be a great way to start. let it sit a week or couple days and then go back to it... maybe that way it wont seem so scary or life altering. just remember that if you fail once it shouldn't stop you from trying again. if you want something in life keep reaching for it until you obtain it! get it girl!

  2. I definitely agree. I love reading bloggers post when they're being real and being themselves. It's so refreshing. Thank you for being real and down to earth.

    I am actually going through the same thing right now. I just graduated and I'm applying for an internship that will determine whether I will be certified as a registered dietician or not. It is a pretty big deal to me. But if I don't get it I think at least I tried and I can always try again and that God has other plans for me. and it's always good to have back up plans.
    Dream BIG. Good luck Lo! I hope you get in!

    xo sherri

  3. Yes! I have been in that boat, and then I sunk that boat. I didn't get into were I wanted to and it was devastating. But, if I hadn't got in, I wouldn't have moved forward much further with photography. In the end, it was a good thing, but it took me longer than I expected to figure that out. Either way you will move on with your life and do good things!


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