Sunday, October 30, 2011

Recap: Instagrams

..Something to look forward to this week..
..I love finding cute chalk drawings..
..leather rabbit charm bracelet.. snowed this weekend :(..
..I worked on new and exciting things for my shop..
..found this at the goodwill this week for $5..
..oh, but before it snowed this weekend it rained..
..this will be for tonight, hope to show you something awesome..
..this is Maven's most favorite time of year.. sweet boy and I celebrated 2 years, lots of sweet things were said at a sushi dinner..
..i doodled this whilst my sweet boy watched MMA, I want it as a tattoo on my elbow..
..I had a magic hat beer, which totally brought me back to the nights we used to laugh and run down the streets in crisp Burlington VT weather..

Thanks for stopping in for my recap!


  1. Love them all!! :) I'm so glad you're working on new things for your shop, because I clicked over and it was empty!

  2. that cake plater is so cute! so many exciting things! can't wait to see new things for your shop and the bag too!!! eeek!

  3. Happy anniversary! I love the bunny bracelet, and that cake stand is so cute.

  4. I love posts like these. Happy 2 years! That cake stand is such a great find! And that Magic Hat is pretty yummy!

    Also, thanks for commenting on my post about working in retail. It's nice to find out that I'm not the only one who feels this way!

  5. Great pictures!

  6. cake platter is so cute! and sushi and sweet nothings sounds like a fabulous two year celebration :)

  7. Love this post! I would have gladly taken the snow off your hands this week, it's one of my favorite things! Happy anniversary to you and your Mr. too! AND love love love love the tattoo doodle, can't wait to see it on you!!

    xo Shannon

  8. That cake plate is amazing! What a find!!


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