Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kids Crafts

Recently I had the idea of creating a craft for kids. A third grader told me that for her birthday she wanted a time machine. Then I got to thinking about something I had made for my boyfriend one Christmas. At this time we didn't live together and we were separated by a four hour drive. We always said we wanted to teleport to each other. Just digging this teleporter out gave me really happy feelings.
I was talking with this third grader's mother and she was trying to figure out a creative gift for a time machine. I told her that I had made something similar and then I said that her daughter could make her own. I think that this would be such a fun and creative craft to do with children. They all have such varied and wonderful minds, I know that they can come up with some creative stuff. 

Although my teleporter is more of an adult craft due to the nails and hammering needed a kid friendly version is totally do-able, here are the necessary ingredients:
- a shoebox
- pipe cleaners
-sticker letters
-construction paper
-anything else worthy of time machine travel (possibly printed out pictures of places/times your child wants to specifically visit...maybe a beloved visit to Disneyworld)

I think this is a great time for you to talk about your own memories with your child and tell them about times or places that you would like to revisit. This can be a real bonding and learning experience. 

I hope that any of you who babysit or have children of your own find this idea helpful and different!
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  1. How cute is that?! That's amazing! Wow!

  2. SO FUN! I'm going to be applying for a teaching position soon and I hope to get little kids so I can do something fun like this! ;)

  3. thats like the cutest idea EVER!!! i think that would BE SO AWESOME if that was a gift for me. even when i'm 21 like right now ;)
    oh and i don't know why, but i was trying to comment on your most recent post about patterns-
    and i don't like patterns. i actually hate them. i sew freehanded basically, no patterns, i just piece together things and hope they work out! 90% of the time they do. i can't use patterns because i'm terrible at following directions! lol I just look at the pictures and make things happen! hahaha

    sharde @ the style projects


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