Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I'm currently working on a dress. The pattern itself was as big as a blanket and the directions are a little vague. My mother and I have always been extremely confused by patterns throughout the years as I tried my hand at sewing. Unfortunately we usually got so frustrated that we gave up. Sometimes things just don't add up somehow. I loved the pattern on my fabric so I really hope that things will work out. I did want to share with you some amazing patterns that I would love to use.

//Megan Nielson//

She has revolutionized the way we look at patterns. No longer are they oversized and too easily ripped. Megan has really taken everything to heart when it comes to sewing and you can easily see that through her patterns and other wears. I cannot wait to purchase her Darling Ranges pattern, I already have a fabric in mind.

//Pattern Runway//

This etsy shop has made me so excited to sew. I'm in love with their affordable patterns for scalloped hem shorts, easy short sleeved dress, and gorgeous pussy bow blouse. When it comes to fashion that is not plain but necessary these items will save you every time.

//Colette Patterns//

An amazing blog and shop for great tips on sewing and patterns that are edging on the realm of vintage meets modern. This Jasmine blouse will be one of the next patterns I buy for sure. Sign up for their newsletter, Snippets, which gives weekly sewing tips. Amazing!

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