Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Toast Tuesday: Sunshine and Carousels

This weeks Toast Tuesday is all about the accessories! I've always loved headbands and other accessories to brighten up any outfit. After recently seeing an outfit post by Katie of Skunkboy Creatures I discovered that her velvety teal headband was from Sunshine and Carousels

I quickly went to visit their etsy shop and fell in love with their mix of vintage and modern. Perfect for any girl who covets the hats and headpieces of years past but whose closet is filled with more modern pieces. I was lucky enough to talk with Erin of Sunshine and Carousels and she told me of what inspired her to start the shop:
"What inspired me to open an etsy shop was sort of a long process. It started with finding a few blogs, before I really knew what blogs were, about three years ago. They all, I think, had some sort of a handmade or art business that they all ran through etsy and they really inspired me. It was something I knew I always wanted to do seriously but I put it off for a couple of years. Finally the beginning of 2010 I started thinking about it more seriously but wasn't sure what route to take. I started making a few, what I almost call 'random' things with supplies I had hoarded over the years. I just kept making, practicing and trying everything until I really figured out what worked for me and my style and what was a viable business to run. So I started selling a handful of items beginning of 2010 on etsy and by May of 2010 I really started to focus of my niche, branching out beyond etsy and building my business. I now run my business Sunshine and Carousels full time and I design new collections per season. It's the most rewarding and fulfilling career. I could not be happier." 

I could not be more inspired by this story. I think that Erin touched on great points. Do what you love and what your good at, don't force anything. I think that is key in success. 

Here are a few of my favorite pieces (I've been searching for cute and affordable ascot pins):

Thanks so much for stopping in for another Toast Tuesday! Be sure to visit Sunshine and Carousels shop and lovely blog as well!



  1. her shop is so cute! i have the yellow headband and i love it!

  2. it's so funny, I stumbled on this blog today via Gentri and I totally already put the yellow mustard headband in my etsy treasury, then I saw it here! That is so awesome!! hehe

  3. following you from gentri's hun! thanks for sponsoring that cute necklace giveaway over there! :)
    we love etsy! :) cute stuff.


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