Sunday, March 20, 2011

Graduation Outfits

Have you been looking forward to May this year? Is it possibly because you are graduating? My dear friend Marissa has requested a post for graduation outfits, and here it is. I hope that many more of you will make requests because I like pleasing my little audience!

I cannot believe that this May will announce a year since my graduation from college.

I wore a blue dress from Urban Outfitters, a necklace that I always wear from Sweet Lady Jane, a couple vintage bracelets, and a pair of black flats. My outfit was pretty simple, and I was also very pale. I would suggest a little self-tanner mixed with lotion a couple days a week a few weeks before graduation. I personally believe that you should have a mature, kind of dressed up look, that is comfortable on graduation day. Graduation is often very long and sometimes too hot, dress appropriately.

Here's the line up of dresses I've chosen:
1.)Storybook Beginning Dress $94.99 from Modcloth
2.)'Pastelling' Secrets Dress $94.99 from Modcloth
3.) Set the Barre Dress $39.99 from Modcloth
4.) Milk Thistle Dress $67.99 from Modcloth

 I also suggest wearing flats since there is usually some sort of stair situation going on, that is unless you are a flawless heel walker and are unafraid of flailing on the ground in front of your entire university.
1.) Twist Stripe Lace up Flats $52.99 from Ruche
2.) Miss Macrame Flats $45.99 from Ruche
3.) Boggle Floral Lace Up Flats $46.99 from Ruche

There are so many combinations with these dresses and shoes. But these are some of my favorite combinations The Storybook Dress with the Twist Stripe Flats, The Pastelling Dress with the Miss Macrame Flats, The Set the Barre Dress with the Boggle Floral Flats, and the Milk Thistle Dress with the Twist Stripe Lace up Flats.

I wouldn't suggest bringing a bag or purse because you are usually crunched in with your classmates and then you have to deal with the whole hold the diploma, shake the hand, what do I do with my purse? situation. And maybe some cute vintage bangles and you have a cute floral graduation outfit! Hope this helps any of those who are searching for the perfect outfit! - Little Lo Hood

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  1. Cute idea! I too will be graduating (for the second time) in May.


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