Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cute Blanket How-To

If you add some leftover fabric, fancy trim and quilt batting you can make a very cute blanket. Oh, and don't forget some pins, a sewing machine, thread and some general hand sewing abilities.

In just 10 steps you can make a blanket too! Here's how:
Step 1: Find the fabric you are going to use, compare the size of the fabric to a blanket that you already have. Cut the fabric to the selected size.
Step 2: Set pattern sides face to face {for me: corduroy face to face} and put fancy trim on the inside {if you use pom pom trim the pom poms are facing inside, towards the center of the blanket}
Step 3: Be sure to pin the trim carefully. It takes a little time to get it straight and to be sure that you pin the fabric and the trim, but you'll get it.
Step 4: Start to sew, but check that you are sewing the fabric to the trim every once and a while, if not you can just back track and sew over it. Leave one side open to place batting inside.
Step 5: Once you have sewed 3 sides, turn inside out. All of the trim should be facing outwards.
Step 6: If you would like to add an iron on, there are tons of cute ones like the one I used, you can find them at Joanne's. So at this point iron that puppy on {I would use a scrap piece of fabric in between the iron-on and the iron just in case there is leftover water in the iron}
Step 7: Now cut your batting to the size of your blanket. I bought batting that was thinner because it was cheaper and then I just doubled it up. You can buy thicker batting or stack it to the thickness you prefer.
Step 8: Put the batting inside your blanket, making sure that its flat, which may take some maneuvering but if you are patient you will get it just right.
Step 9: Pin the remaining edge {fold down each side to make an even edge}
Step 10: Place the trim in between the folded pinned edges and hand sew the trim to the blanket.
Now you have a very cute and easy to make blanket! I hope you try this out and you can have some cute blankets of your very own creation! - Little Lo Hood

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