Thursday, March 10, 2011

DIY Delirium

I really love making things myself. Hand crafted items as opposed to purchasing items makes for a more rewarding experience as well as a unique item. I just came across Honestly WTF the other day, and they have crazy wonderful DIY's, it is honestly like WTF.

Here are a couple I can't wait to try out:

Friendship Necklace

 Moleskin Scrapbook - If you don't already own a moleskin I really suggest that you buy one! They are fantastic for keeping your measurements, grocery list, DIY ideas, things to do handy at all times.

I go by Katie has some awesome DIY's as well...including a lasagna that I really want to try!

I can't wait to make these tassel earrings from Studs and Pearls DIY!

I made this necklace last night after receiving some trinkets from a2zdesigns

I used a 42" chain that I bought from Joanne Fabric, which is where I also found the findings and beads. The vintage key is from a collection of keys that I have from my fathers old house. Elephant and cabochon from a2zdesigns. I'm really excited to make more and do different variations! I really need to finish a blanket I've been working on but it needs to be hand sewed and in my current cold induced state I may be able to finish it while watching TV after work tonight. I will be pumped full with some bubbly lemon lime drink, halls defense, along with delirious visions of DIY's. Hope you enjoyed! - Little Lo Hood

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