Monday, January 30, 2012

Treat Yourself: Homemade Pizza

 Over the weekend I treated myself to a special homemade pizza that I absolutely love.
It is so much better than anything delivered to my doorstep.
Here, I'll share with you my pizza concoction:

canned artichokes
sliced black olives
goat cheese
marinara sauce
pizza dough
sundried tomatoes
sharp cheddar

Follow the ingredients on your dough package but usually it suggests that you bring the dough to room temp.*super key point* if you don't it will be really hard to spread your dough out onto your baking sheet.
Spread your toppings as desired, a little too much cheese or light on the sauce, it's up to you!...I'm mostly too much everything! mmm! 
Sometimes something as simple as treating yourself to a special meal will make you feel that much better, and not to mention fuller! 

Have any special toppings for homemade pizza? 
Thanks for stopping in!


  1. haha treat yourself! that episode from parks & rec was HILARIOUS!

    this recipe looks delicious! i love homemade pizza. we have two recipes that we rotate and think we will try this one out!

  2. All my favorite ingredients - olives, goat cheese, cheddar, tomatoes! Looks delish :)

  3. we make homemade pizza every week and I swear it's better than delivered!

  4. Holy moly! I make pizza several times a month and usually use fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, and tomatoes...but never anything as yummy looking as this. Artichokes and goat cheese..this I must try:)


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