Monday, January 30, 2012

Photo Wrap Up the simple beauty in this photo..
 ..i never get tired of my kmart shoes, so cute (yup, thats right I said kmart).. sweet boy is gone on a business trip and I treated myself to my favorite homemade pizza..
 ..since the boy is away i also decided to treat myself to anthro (I had a gift card)..
 ..inside anthro fitting room, I had never been in an actual anthro..I just always loved the store since forever. If you've never been to a store, go it will change you. I absolutely loved it! ah! And sale items are so wonderfully priced, I was surprised..
 ..the animals keeping me company, I love it..
 ..this was a discarded space book and I knew I could use it in some way..
 ..this is what i came up with // more to follow this week..
..i've been having severe tattoo fever and I may need to share with you more of my tattoo ideas soon..
..the light on saturday made the colors outside pop so beautifully, don't forget that you can find beauty everywhere especially in your backyard..


  1. Anthro sale is THE best! :D People don't realize it... and I guess I'm happy about that. haha! I hope you bought that shirt!

  2. Lovely images. Did you eat all that pizza yourself ??

  3. @Selina Kingston yup. over the span of two days, man vs. food style...haha it was so good! :)

  4. way to go kmart! very cute shoes!

  5. Mm, pizza!

    One of my favourite dresses is from K-mart! I love finding rare treasures in chain stores :)


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