Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight I: Giveable Greetings

Hello lovely readers, today's sponsor spotlight is on Steph of Giveable Greetings. Please check out her shop and her inspiring story below on how she came to be the owner of Giveable Greetings.


Giveable Greetings was started by Steph ~ a stationery-obsessed graphic designer who has an insatiable need to illustrate puns and put them to paper. Though originally studying to be a forensic psychologist, Steph did a sporadic 180 and instead went to school for 2d animation (you know, the hand-drawn kind), an industry in which she was employed for several years before realizing that she preferred to work with images that didn't move. 
Currently working as a freelance illustrator / web & graphic designer / children's book artist, and hobbyist photographer, Steph began Giveable Greetings as a side project for her more quirky, vintage- and retro-inspired art. Sure, giving cards isn't such a hot and trendy thing to do anymore, but once upon a time vinyl records weren't so cool either and look at them now! Surely all things analogue and manual will continue to make a comeback, and hopefully the slowly dying art of handwritten correspondence will experience a resurgence in popularity. 
Steph's cards can be found for sale at the Outer Layer in Toronto, Ontario, as well as online here or on etsy here. She has plans to branch out in incorporate more prints, invitations, gift tags and other fun, paper-y things in her collection.
Please pop by and check out Giveable Greetings: Quirky & fun with a dash of sass & a lot of pun.

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