Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blogger Wishlist

Looking to splurge on that special blogger/entrepreneur in your life this holiday season? Well look no further for gift ideas, I've compiled a few here that I could just squeal over!

A Beautiful Mess is the best blog I read. I absolutely love it and I can't get enough. I'm sure there is a plethora of you who agree. Due to the volumes upon volumes of readers the ad space is well beyond my budget and I'm sure most of yours too, so this would be an excellent gift for your lovely blogger lady or for anyone with a shop. 
Check out all the details here
*Don't forget A Beautiful Mess e-courses too, I recommend blog love.**

Jill of Lune Vintage and LA of Freckled Nest have come up with an amazing workshop that I so desperately wish to take. I'm sure that many of you dream of taking it as well. But who wouldn't these ladies are creative masterminds. 
Find more information on Indie Business Workshop here. (This link wasn't working but I expect that it should be soon).

Ever hear your blogger complaining about the look of their blog? With Freckled Nest Design you can choose from so many options to help you create a blog that fits you and your needs. A makeover, a boost, it's up to you. 
Check out all the packages here.
Every blogger gal should have a camera, duh Lo that's a no brainer, but what would be really special is if she had a DSLR. I fortunately had a big family & boyfriend chip in for my Canon Rebel T2i for graduation, now they have all sorts of new versions but it is relatively cheap in the realm of DSLR cameras. You can find one on the more reasonably priced side at amazon here

If your blogger already has a DSLR consider buying different lenses, like a fisheye or this super cool Diana Lens. Even think about cool accessories for the camera so that your blogger can take it on any adventure. What about a super pretty camera strap? Like this Red Velvet one. Or how about a camera bag that can fit all her camera goodies plus more? I know a lot of people go to Jo Totes for beautiful women's bags but I more recently found and fell in love with all of the Epiphanie bags but really swooned for this one.

I agree that some of these are a bit expensive but sometimes I only ask for money for Christmas that way if I get enough I can put it towards something more expensive (this year I'm trying to buy a new Mac!..mine is nearly dead :/ ) or just continue to save up (especially since my birthday comes in March). Either way it is really good to think about different elements of blogging and to have a running list of items you may need/want.

I hope you enjoyed this Blogger Wishlist! And Hope that you are getting just as excited as I am about the holidays...I love giving great presents!


  1. Great blogger wishlist! I her 'A Beautiful Mess' blog! I'm definitely excited for the holidays!

  2. What creative ideas - I hadn't really thought about things like this before.

    I love A Beautiful Mess too, although aesthetically I think prefer the simpler look of your blog! I would love one of their sewing e-courses for xmas.

    p.s. my birthday's in March too!

  3. I just said 'Yes' out loud to everyone of these presents.

    Great choices!! Now to subtly show them to the Mr.

  4. Wow, awesome ideas! I'd never heard of a few of those things, so my day is 100% enriched already. :) I *1'd it too, to share the awesome.

  5. Did you guys see the new Compass e-course for only $32 via the ladies from Indie Business?! I so badly want that...and it is so reasonable! Thanks for your great comments ladies. Here is a link to Jill's recent post if your interested: http://lunevintage.blogspot.com/2011/12/indie-business-compass.html

  6. Seriously an awesome list! I have yet to buy ad space anywhere because frankly I can't afford it right now since my blog is still just a for fun kinda thing but it's something I'd love to do in the future-I might have to add it to my Christmas list! Looooooooooooove your blog! Xo Lori


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