Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Toast Tuesday: Dottie Adele

If you are a lover of fashion and all things beautifully handmade you will love this next Toast Tuesday guest. I have been lucky enough to know the ever sweet Valerie of Threads and Thoughts and Things I Love. She has created a shop where you can find everyday pieces that have an extra flare of cute with heart shaped waist bands and scalloped hemlines. 
I asked Valerie what inspired her to start her very own shop and here is what she had to say, 

"I was taught the basics of sewing as a child and then sporadically sewed a dress or skirt here and there as a teenager and young adult.  A few years ago for Christmas, my mom (excuse me, Santa) got me a sewing machine for Christmas, and that's when I started sewing seriously.  It didn't take me long to realize I could make an entire custom wardrobe for myself if I wanted to - clothing that fit me perfectly, made out of the fabrics I loved best, in the styles I loved most.  I taught myself sewing techniques, improved my skills, and eventually started designing garments for myself.  Pretty soon, I was looking in my closet realizing I had nothing left to sew - I had made an entire wardrobe!  That was when my shop, Dottie Adele, was born.  I had found so much joy in creating my own handmade clothing, I wondered if I would find as much joy in making clothing for other women as well.  As it turns out...I do!  Perhaps even more so!  I love the idea that getting dressed can be simple:  I strive to design and make pieces that are easy to pair with a variety of items in anyone's wardrobe, are comfortable to wear all day long, and will still be stylish for years to come.  I still work a regular 9 to 5, but I daydream of sewing all day long, and hop on my sewing machine the second I get home from work!"

Isn't she such an inspiring lady?! Working a 9-5 job and finding time to create such a cute shop too! So although it was hard to pick a favorite and I still don't think I can decide between the colorblock dress above and this lovely scalloped skirt:
..find here.. 

Thanks so much for stopping in for another Toast Tuesday! Check out all Valerie's amazing talents over at her blog and shop!


  1. i love her yellow skirt!

    <3 steffy

  2. love me some dottie adele!! thank you so much for spreading the love of this AMAZING store :) and Valerie is just the best!

    also, LOVE your blog and the design. so fresh and so clean! have a lovely day :)

  3. Here's how amazing Valerie is... she made ALL 6 of my bridesmaid dresses (the dress she made for her self for our wedding, she made it in like a day!), from across the country and did last minute alterations the night before the wedding. Not only is she unbelievable creative, she is one of the best friends I have. Thanks for toasting to her! She deserves it!

  4. I love the idea of toast tuesday - what a creative way to do different features...thanks for sharing :)


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