Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Surprise Birthday & DIY tassel earrings

Today I'm guest blogging over at Royal Milk Tea. It is Lyndall's birthday month and I decided to throw her a virtual surprise birthday and give some decoration ideas as well as food and activity ideas. So please go visit Lyndall's more than amazing blog and wish her a happy birthday. For Lyndall's birthday I decided to make her some earrings from leather that I've been using on just about every project I can think of. Here is a simple DIY on how to make leather tassel earrings.
You will need: leather, scissors, needle, thread, metal loops & earring findings

1- Cut two rectangular shapes in the size you wish your earrings to be

2 - Cut fringe on both rectangles leaving less than half an inch at the top

3 - Wrap the top around your pointer finger. At this point you may want to cut and adjust your earrings.  I think mine went around my finger twice for double fringe. But do as you please. 

4 - Sew around the top making sure the edges are even.

5 - Cut a small strip of leather to add a loop to the top and sew.

6 - Add a metal loop and earring finding to the leather loop you just attached.

All done and ready to head to Lyndall! 

Happy Birthday to Lyndall! Thanks so much for letting me guest post! It was so much fun!
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Thanks for stopping in!

ps: all pictures from my surprise post on Royal Milk Tea were taken by my talented sweet boy. :)


  1. Aw! Can't wait to stop by her blog to see all of the posts! And hello, tassel earrings? Be still my heart! Great DIY!

    xo Shannon

  2. That is seriously so sweet of you! What an awesome idea! I love all the jewelry you make. I was seriously just drooling over your etsy shop again yesterday. Haha!

  3. That is so adorable!! You are so smart and crafty, and these are great instructions! This might be a dumb question, but where do you purchase leather like that? Can you get it at a regular fabric store?

  4. @Gentri I'm totally of thinking of having a double giveaway soon..

    @HazelandMare Thanks so much, you're too sweet! I bought it at JoAnne Fabrics and it was actually in the clearance part...when I was home I had to run from the clearance section because it had a ton of leather. You can get both really stiff leather/pleather stuff or more flimsy leather too. Mine is a flimsy-er leather.

    Thanks ladies! :) -Lo

  5. cute earrings lady!! love the idea!


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