Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog Changes

Hi lovely readers! My blog has changed a lot since February when I began and more recently it has gotten a more streamlined and simple construction. I am obsessed with organization and I really like how good this layout feels now. I'm sure it will go through more changes but this should stay a while.

If you are having trouble navigating my site here are the changes:
To follow via Google Friend connect or Bloglovin' is now located at the bottom of the blog after my posts. There you can also find my features and my blog archive. I've used a lot of Pugly Pixel freebies and owe a lot to Katrina for her great tips.

I've located my "About Little Lo Hood" under pages, which is currently under construction and I am having a very talented lady sketch something up for me! I feel like I'm always working on my about page. 

Find Me Here page is obviously all of the fun places you can find me! Like twitter, pinterest, flickr.
      Bloggers to Adore is now where I house all of the lovely reads out there. There are so many lovely people out there it is really hard not to put everyones button there. But remember I'm organized. I used to list them all on the left sidebar but that got too cluttered for me. 

Things of Interest page are all things that I have been involved in or continue to be involved in or support. 

Shop: Printed Peaks page is now totally dedicated to my shop. I really love this page. You can see how Printed Peaks came to be. You can catch up on sneak peek posts. And see different lovely ladies who have styled Printed Peaks necklaces.

Wed Me Wednesday: A Collection of Ideas page is where I have compiled a lot of great wedding ideas organized from save the date to seating charts. This is where I got my idea to start the feature: Wed Me Wednesdays. I can't wait to look back on all of the ideas once I get engaged. 

I hope that you will have some fun navigating through some of these pages now that I have made some new and fun changes. Look for information about a giveaway later on today! Thanks for stopping in! 


  1. I'm looking forward to see how it all turns out! Plus, a giveaway is always exciting.

  2. Can't wait to check out the wooden jewelery!

    xx Tribal Fox Vintage

  3. i spotted the changes and really dig how you've compartmentalized everything Lo. isn't Katrina the most amazing individual, her insights and tutorials rock my socks. you're new layout is clean and fresh, bet you can't stop looking at it. i get really stoked when i change something up on my blog, excited for you about yours!!!! xoox ♥

  4. HI! I found my way from Noelani's page and wanted to say hey :) cute lil blog. LOve the simplicity of the layout!


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