Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Toast Tuesday: Isavirtue

This weeks Toast Tuesday is the wonderful shop Isavirtue. Kaitlyn of Isavirtue is an extremely talented lady and also a fellow fantastic blogger (psst..I love looking at the mail art features). Remember the days of snail mail? When emails were something obscene and far too high tech. Now we live in a world of constant technological contact. Crazy. I suggest we all take a little time and write a lovely letter/note to someone special. A great way to start on the right foot would be to house your little letter in isavirtue envelopes. Kaitlyn has made so many great designs and I suggest you head on over! This is what Kaitlyn told me about what inspired her to open a shop:

"I have had a love for snail mail and envelopes ever since my best friend moved away in grade three. for years we would send written letters to one another and we would always decorate the paper and the envelope to make it more of a surprise in the mail box. Last year I took a class in card making and all of the techniques won me over. However, cards have never done it for me, but I maintained this need to create envelopes. however, I only have so many pen pals so at one point I thought - why not sell the rest of my creations?" It is so amazing to see how a hobby as a child turned into a full fledged business.

I'm obsessed with journals and jotting down ideas so I would have to say this cupcake moleskine is my favorite:
How absolutely adorable! Find here.

Find Kaitlyn and her greatness elsewhere here:

She just barely had a sale, which I dropped the ball on...sorry Kaitlyn! But show her some support and check out her shop/blog..basically pick up the ball that I dropped. She is offering coupon code: ILOVEPAPER for 10% off! How nice of her! Thanks to Kaitlyn for being a part of Toast Tuesday and to all of you lovely readers!


  1. I love kaitlyn and her blog/shop!! She's the best. :)

  2. So cute!! Love this feature. ;)

  3. Love the cute cupcake! <3




  4. Hello Lovely Lo! :) I'm new to your blog, and I'm loving it already. THis feature is fabulous. I love journals, and this cupcake moleskin is just precious.

  5. How cool!! Thanks for sharing this :) I love 'Toast Tuesday' I haven't heard of that before.

    I would love for you to check out our blog & follow us if you'd like! :)

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  6. oo cute illustrations! going to check out her blog/shop now :)


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