Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wed Me Wednesday: Picnic Wedding

Summer is such an amazing time to frolic in fields of flowers and really soak in beautiful days filled with sun rays. You may think that a perfect summer day could never get any better, but I am about to change things forever! How about marrying your best friend at a picnic! This is definitely a wedding for the light at heart and those not seeking such a formal ceremony. The colors will be all in pastels.
Here is the general color palette:

Chevron Picnic blankets that you can create yourself, which will act as your tables (accommodations can be made for Grandma of course) each blanket will be painted with a different pastel shade, which will determine the color of the wares at that blanket..for this post I stuck to pinks (so, one blanket):
Plastic cups and cutlery to match your rug (sometimes you can buy a rainbow of these plastic dishes on etsy or at a thrift store):
..find here..
Thermos to keep pink lemonade cold, of course:
Mason jars filled with lemonade:
Striped Pink straws for sipping..
A picnic basket for each blanket, which can be expensive on etsy so maybe try to find them at garage sales:
..found via etsy..
Cupcakes in a jar and make a special PB&J cupcake mix...I think I could come up with something that would taste fantastic but a little more fancy than your regular PB&J:
The bridesmaids will wear pastel plaids and gingham and the groomsmen can do their part by having pastel plaid or gingham pocket squares:
A cute and fun photo booth is more than necessary:
I think a cute cake tasting like lemon meringue with the bride and groom sitting at a picnic on top will be featured to the side of all the blankets. The ceremony will also take place ahead of the blankets underneath a wooden arch. There will be an area for dancing with a unique band playing some jazzy tunes. A table fashioned with old multi-colored radios will house various homemade jams for guests to take home with them. How would you like a wedding like this? Too casual or just right? I think it would be so cute and special if done correctly and details were all in place!

Thanks for stopping in and checking out this picnic wedding! 


  1. i love the idea of a picnic wedding! i have those yellow and turquoise tea cups! they are great!

  2. I love all of this! I found an amazing wicker picnic basket (complete with picnic set) earlier this year in a thrift store, and I've been wanting to go on a picnic date ever since!

  3. So sweet!! Such a captivating set of photos and inspirations. Those cupcakes in a jar look unbelievably delicious. That photo booth idea is the most darling and clever thing I've seen...lovely all around:)

  4. Cute post!


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