Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Toast Tuesday: Maggie's Farm

Toast Tuesday:
A day to appreciate etsy shops, bloggers, and the like for exemplary work in their respective fields. Hard work should be noticed and appreciated whether you have had great success or are just starting out. I hope that my personal picks for Toast Tuesdays will help you in finding new shops, blogs and bloggers and that you will enjoy their work as greatly as I do.
Yay! Another Toast Tuesday has come upon us! I would love for you to meet Maggie's Farm run by the ever so talented Brynna! I am really excited because I've actually bought something from this etsy shop! And I loved it to pieces! I also frequent Brynna's blog and happen to think that she is super cool and sweet. Unfortunately I didn't bring the appropriate journal that housed my Toast Tuesday banner...but I think Maggie's Farm etsy banner makes a much more beautiful replacement! I asked Brynna what inspired her to open a vintage shop, she said:
..Cute button from her blog that I added her quote to..

"I discovered style blogs and vintage sellers shortly after I started altering my own thrifted and vintage clothing, I just kind of stumbled upon it all and thought it was the greatest idea ever! It can be very time consuming and a lot of work at times, but it's well worth it to be doing something I enjoy and am passionate about. Being an Etsy seller has been such a great opportunity to do something I love that is completely my own and meet so many great people with similar interests along the way!"

So poetic. I always feel incredibly inspired after reading how all of these wonderful etsy shop owners became inspired to start what they love and do best. Maggie's Farm is made up of beautiful finds in unique patterns and updated regularly. This is me crafting in a polka dot dress I purchased from Maggie's Farm, which is probably just the cutest most darling thing in my closet. 
I put this outfit together out of some awesome finds from Maggie's Farm Vintage:

I would wear this outfit all the time with my danskos. Classic but cool. 
Also, these shorts kill me! So adorable and sweet!

Check out all the great links associated with Maggie's Farm and Brynna:

I really hope that you visit these great spots and enjoy as much as I do! Thanks for stopping in!


  1. Ooh, I love checking out new vintage shops- yay! Thanks for this awesome feature! I really like the cute lil' outfit you put together too :)

  2. Ahhh! Thanks so much for featuring me on here! And thank you for all of the wonderful things you said! :)

  3. I love it when I got to blogs and find people promoting and sharing each others work. It's a great creative and sharing space! Maggies farm is really awesome, too.


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