Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Toast Tuesday: Jess James Jake

I always get so excited for Toast Tuesday's because I just love celebrating amazing people and supporting what they do. So help me support this next lady, Jess, from Jess James Jake Vintage.
I have admired Jess's Etsy shop for some time. I have even made a purchase, I just love the pattern on this dress. This lady must find true treasures from Albany. I think I gasped when my eyes first laid upon this dress, but thankfully I gave into my vintage cravings and bought it.

When I asked Jess what inspired her to open an etsy shop this is what she had to say:
"I started my shop in the spring of 2008 because I really wanted to save all this amazing clothing from going into landfills. My best friend also sells on etsy, so that makes it really fun (listing together, making treasuries, finding pretty items!). I love the quality and care that handmade and vintage items tend to have. They last so much longer than mass-produced garments and are much more eco-friendly!" I love that she has an eco-friendly approach to her shop and to fashion as she states on her profile, "I'm dedicated to a green shop: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce! I shred my own paper (junk mail, magazines, newpaper) for my packing material, use used (but clean) boxes/envelopes and other recyclable goodies whenever possible!!" I picked out an outfit that I would totally wear all the time especially when paired with a pair of my black combat boots:

Find your favorites at Jess James Jake and follow Jess elsewhere here:

Thanks for stopping by and witnessing another great Toast Tuesday!

**This is also a great time to tell you that I plan to start my own green initiative. I've enlisted a few other blogger friends and I hope that you will be on board once I am ready to unveil**

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  1. This is wonderful. Your blog is lovely!

    Thanks so much for the feature.


  2. That is a great approach to vintage clothing! I definitely admire the eco factor. And plus they are just so pretty and unique! :)


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