Monday, August 29, 2011

The Day After the Storm

Today has been one of the most beautiful days. The air is a little crisp just hinting at fall. 
The windows have been open.
And all day I have been reading and taking notes.
Oh and cuddling with my cat Maven.
I may go for a run soon to really enjoy this nice day after being cooped up for two days.
Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!


  1. I just love that feeling when you can sense the seasons changing...sigh...

    love your blog!

  2. So glad that you made it through the storm ok and are having such an awesome day!!

  3. Aww thanks! I was really prepared for the worst but out house was left unscathed whereas others nearby have flooding and no power. We were lucky.

  4. i actually went for a run yesterday! i was thinking along the same lines.. stuck all day in the house on sunday.. i haven't been out running in months. when it got hot i just gave up haha

  5. Sarah-so I ended up going for a run and ended up having probably the worst asthma attack ever...I guess it wasn't a good idea for me haha

  6. Sounds like a beautiful day! Hurray for being free from the storm.

  7. It sounds wonderful! I love how these end-of-season days feel ♥


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