Friday, September 2, 2011

Make Your Own Necklaces

 I wanted to make necklaces for myself that had an edge and beauty to them. Anything I ever found in a magazine or online was far too expensive. I was in a local bead store in a town close to my home in Vermont and happened upon some pendulums as well as other pretty charms/crystals. I knew right then that I could make some really beautiful necklaces for cheap. You can find pendulums here on ebay or try a local bead shop because mine were by far the least expensive. I just snip off the pendulums single chain and attach my own chain. I like them long and to vary in lengths in case I want to layer a few.

I love all of them with their varying swirls and colors! So pretty! I will definitely be wearing one today!
These necklaces are definitely a key element in my daily fashion. What is a key element in your day to day looks?
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  1. Love this!! These are so beautiful! I seriously love your jewelry! I hearted your shop and my favorite necklace on etsy the other day. One day, I hope to own that necklace. :)

  2. Lovely idea! I'm going to have to make one of those and maybe add a little bead on top.

  3. So pretty! I love the clear quartz one. You can also get things from jewellery/craft supply stores that you can glue on the top of gemstones to make an attachment for a chain. I used to make some necklaces that way when I was a teenager :)

  4. Oh they're so so pretty!

    A key element in my daily look would be my watches - especially my fossil watch.. I love it!

  5. i love the white crystal one! i love pops of color so bright color studs are something i always throw on to make an outfit a bit more exciting!

  6. those look so amazing!
    i love the colors.

    i bought some quartz crystal a little while ago in hopes to turn it into something...
    but i haven't just yet.
    these have definitely inspired me to pull it out & start making somethings :)



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