Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sneak Peeks of Printed Peaks

Here is the second type of the Mansfield necklace that I created with a lighter stain and chocolate brown leather accents. 

Here is another Skye necklace with an ombre effect with the stains. I did make another one in a dark stain, which has already been sold. 

This is the second type of the Bromley necklace in this collection. I'm not sure if you can tell but it is done in a darker stain and the wood grain is definitely different from the one pictured above. 

And this is the third type of Bromley necklace, which is stained in the lightest stain.

This is the second type of the Stark necklace, which was featured in a recent outfit post. This may be my favorite of all of them, I absolutely adore the dark stain and chain details.

This is the third type of the stark necklace done in a lighter stain with chain and chocolate brown leather accents. 

The second type of the Equinox necklace is done in a darker stain with tan leather accents.

 This third type of Equinox necklace is done in a light stain with dark chocolate brown leather and chain accents underneath.

 This fourth type of Equinox necklace is done in a light stain and has chain fringe accents.

This fifth type of Equinox necklace is done in a dark stain with a lot of chain fringe accents.

So there you have it the remaining 14 of the 15 for Printed Peaks opening collection! Also, don't forget that I also have a number of unfinished pieces left for future collections but if you want in on this collection I would suggest a custom piece!  

Thanks so much for stopping in and sharing such a wonderful experience with me! It has been a true blast showing you all of these necklaces! Thank you so much for all of your support! You all are the best! I swear I plan to do a giveaway once I get on my feet again (find a job/get the shop running)
Thanks again!


  1. I really love your necklaces so much. I hope things start to work out for you, but with these lovely creations I'm sure they will. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
    I swear every time I look at your necklaces I think that they would make amazing wing chimes. dual purpose item.

  2. Where can I find them for sale? My fave is the Mansfield necklace! They are all so perfect!

  3. yayayyyyay!!! i just LOVE the fifth equinox! so cool!!!!! you should do a giveaway on citybirds chirps!!


  4. They are all so cool! I think I like the Skye one best, especially with the ombre effect.

  5. love love love the Sky necklace! I'm new to your blog. Do you sell these?


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