Friday, June 24, 2011


I used Tulip brand matte marine blue fabric paint, which can be found at pretty much any craft store, and I may even suggest buying the bigger bottle. I went through 3 small bottles. You may think you have coated the canvas evenly but after drying you can still see spots, so you may have to reapply. I chose the navy blue color because navy acts as a neutral and really can go with everything. This is a pretty inexpensive DIY and you probably already have most of the supplies. I did go a little more expensive when I bought the tote, I think it was $6.00 but it zips and who doesn't love that!
This is definitely an easy DIY but be sure to keep your angles similar otherwise it could look sloppy. Also make sure that all of your edges are clean because anything that isn't will certainly show up once you remove the tape. I would also say plan out your whole tote by taping it off because on my first side I didn't and my zig zags weren't even in size so I had to go back and fix it. *Note: Let paint dry for four hours, flat. If you plan to wash it wait 72 hours & turn the tote inside out.

I always wanted to paint something on a canvas tote but didn't know quite what until I got my inspiration from Orchid Grey's "Black, White, Blue" outfit post this Tuesday.
Don't you just love that bag, if you haven't seen this blog you should probably check it out because it will give you loads of outfit inspiration! 

I will definitely need to include it in an outfit post once the skys turn sunny again! 
Thanks for stopping in for this fun DIY, I hope you will try and then share back with me!


  1. That's an awesome idea! I have been in a super crafty mood lately- I will try it this weekend!

  2. What an awesome and easy idea! It looks like something you would buy in a store. Thanks for sharing!

  3. wow what a great idea and soooo cute!!! if i had a white bag i would totally upgrade it! but i will keep my eyes peeled at the thrift store!


  4. ahhh this is awesome! especially considering i bought about 10 canvas tote bags with a project in mind that just did NOT work.. maybe i'll make some of these as gifts! yaayyy!! love it.


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