Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY by Bird and Feather

Hi lovely readers! Today I have Bexx from Bird and Feather blog sharing a special DIY, which she used as gifts for Christmas but would be perfect for any occasion like birthday's or wedding presents. Enjoy!
Here are a few paintings I made for Friends as Gifts this Christmas. 

If you have any old paints lying around, then this is a brilliant way to make personal gifts for someone special.

Firstly, I got some old papers, (I used old scraps of water colour paper, but you can use any sort of paper material to paint on) and simply drew designs and painted them, draw over them, and gradually created little artworks. You can use any materials really, whatever you find lying around your home. 

Secondly, I purchased some Frames from a Charity / Thrift store. Stripped them of their paint with sandpaper, and then painted them with Acrylic Paints. 

Simple. I cleaned up the glass, trimmed down the artworks and then wrapped them up beautifully and then gave them to my friends. 

See more on this over at Bexx's blog here. Aren't they just so lovely? Handmade gifts are always so special! Thanks Bexx for sharing with us! :)


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