Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas for Mom

If you are anything like me, you probably try to buy your mom relatively cool but more or less age appropriate items. My mom, I have to admit, dresses really nicely (I've helped her for hours working on different outfits..but I can't take all the credit). If I could buy my mom or someone else's mom something cool I would definitely choose from this hand selected Etsy list.

I got a few comments from this treasury on my facebook as being items that other women would want too. I admit these are all items I would love but they do hold a sense of refinery, which I find holds true when I think of the word "mom". 

Have you found a gift for mom yet? I feel like mom's rarely spend money on themselves so don't get her something useful (unless she really needs it of course) get her something that she would never think of getting but that she will absolutely love.

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  1. Love this. We drew names and I didn't get my mom, but my sister did and she's struggling w knowing what to get. I'll definitely show her this! :)
    I'm having a giant giveaway on my blog today and would love if you entered, miss Lo!

  2. Great picks! I love the triangle earrings and the dome ring! I'm sure your mom would love these! and Thanks for the ideas :)

  3. i love that chevron pendant, so very cool. i am giving my mom a new earring i made which matches the necklace she bought from my gold rush collection :D new stuff coming 2012!

  4. I adore some of these!

  5. These are so lovely! I love all of the jewellery especially.

    My mum is really passionate about animal rights and cruelty free products, so I got her some special organic soaps and handcream which are palm oil free. I hope she likes them!


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