Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tradition: Handmade Ornament

My tree is adorned in the cutest handmade ornaments mostly made from my family members. I love them no matter how corny or tacky they may be, to me that tree has "Christmas" written all over it. Keeping in that tradition I decided that I would make an ornament every year. I started last year which was the first Christmas my boyfriend and I spent together as a newly living together couple. I really hope that my one day children will love all these homemade goodies once it is time for me to hand them down. I decided I would share with you what and how I made mine this year. Pop on some Nat King Cole Christmas tunes and your on your way to ornament making.
This year I decided to make the apartment we live in so that we will always remember where we had our first Christmas's. I just made sure I used pieces that were similar to our house...nothing too accurate, white boards, a scalloped overhang (hence the ric rac) and a red door. Step 1: Cut out small strips of fabric (you may want to get different shades or patterns of the same color, I used fat quarters for quilting) also cut out your door shape. Step 2: Sew right sides of strips together and then sew the door, ribbon for window and any other decorative pieces on now.
Step 3: Cut out the back piece (I used an old sweater that I am also making stockings out of!) as well as "'11" out of felt. Sew the felt numbers to the back piece. Step 4: Sew right sides of ornament together leaving a small hole for filling and turn inside out so right side is facing you. I messed this part up but if you want to add the ribbon for hanging seamlessly you will need to face the loop inward. But I just sewed mine on to the back afterwards, which looks fine.
Step 5: Now fill your ornament with stuffing. You can also use old sweaters if you don't either want to buy stuffing or have any on hand.
Step 6: Hand sew the hole. I actually went along the whole bottom edge because I liked the way it looked.
Step 7: You are all done. Hang the ornament in a good spot, turn on the tree, grab yourself some hot cocoa and admire your handy holiday work.

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Are there any holiday traditions you are fond of and want to continue?


  1. That's so cute! Thanks for sharing! I like your tree :)

  2. i love it. what a darling little house! thanks for sharing!

  3. oh lo that is just so cute! i want to start this tradition too!

  4. That journal sounds amazing! Is there a web link you could pass on to me?

  5. I seriously wish I had your talent!

  6. Thanks for the link! They're pretty! Very cute! ( :
    P.S. I've never mentioned before, but I really love, in particular, your Bromley and Skye necklaces; they're super cute! Love how you name them each!

  7. This is such a cool idea, I love it.


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