Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays Dear Friend

So I currently do not have the wallet wad to spend on all my friends. I so wish I would, but if you happen to be doing so and you have that oh so tricky girlfriend who has everything and you never know quite what to get her, here is a little treasury list I put together. Etsy is so perfect for little one of a kind gifts.

I also happened to stumble upon this super cute ebay shop that has me wish listing everything.
Thanks so much for stopping in!


  1. eek so many cute things! the earrings are really great and so is that tie!!!

  2. Eeep! its all so pretty and I pretty much want everything, that gorgeous print especially! :) merry christmas Lo!

  3. so pretty, so clever!

    Happy holidays to you too :)

  4. This ear I too was rather poor for Christmas so a lot of my friends got easy hand made gifts. Haha they still loved them though.
    I really like the pillow cover and earrings.


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