Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Toast Tuesday: A Lost Feather

Hi all, I come to you with another Toast Tuesday. I am so excited because this next Etsy owner is not only a friend but a trusted artist that has designed items for me. Happy to announce that this weeks Toast Tuesday is Sarah of A Lost Feather
Sarah has designed my Etsy banner for my Printed Peaks shop as well as my business cards. I love her work and she understood my vision right from the very beginning. Sarah not only has a beautiful shop that is filled with beautiful jewelry and prints, she also has crafted an amazing space where she blogs with splashes of gorgeous pictures of her everyday and not so everyday adventures. She has recently been working with teapots and I absolutely love what she has come up with. I got to chat with Sarah about what inspired her and here is what she had to say,
..find tea cup print here..

"I always knew I'd love to be a full time artist, but it never seemed like a feasible goal- just a dream that I would probably never realize. When I finished college (where I'd studied photography and marketing) I took a marketing job in corporate America. I loved the days where I was given some creative freedom, but that certainly was not everyday. After awhile I became restless and unhappy. In my free time I would pour through the pages of Etsy, reading articles about people that were able to quit their day jobs and pursue their dreams. It suddenly dawned on me that I could be one of those people. I mean, why not? I was the only one holding myself back from following my dream, so I decided to get out of my way. I banked on the thought that I would not be happy until I was working 12 hour days making and creating and I was right. Within a year I'd left my safe (read boring, but steady) job and began selling my wares online. I suppose it was seeing other artists around the world succeeding that really inspired me to do it for myself. Thank goodness for Etsy and other internet artist pioneers. (or else I'd probably still be sitting in a cubicle hating the hours between 9 and 5.)" 

Sarah is such an inspiring lady right? It really makes me believe that I can do exactly what I love to do. Sometimes we are not always doing what we love but there are steps you can make every day to get to where you want to be. 

A piece that has been in my favorites for some time has been this necklace that abstractly represents rain drops falling from the sky:
..find here..

Please check out Sarah and her amazing shop and blog. Here are some links where you can find Sarah:

Thanks for stopping in and hope you've enjoyed another Toast Tuesday!


  1. Love Sarah!! And how inspiring! It makes me want to BECOME an artist. I wish I had some sort of artistic talent. I try... But I don't. Haha!

  2. What a great quote from Sarah! She inspires for sure :)

  3. i loved reading this! sounds a lot like me! she is pretty awesome!

  4. I need that teacup print, such a great phrase!


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