Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Toast Tuesday: City Birds Nest

If your wondering to yourself did I just warp back through time to Tuesday, no my friends, do not fret it is indeed a Toast Tuesday on a Wednesday. I may have been a bit busy lately. But I did want to share with you a very special Toast Tuesday for City Birds Nest.

Not only is City Birds Nest shop an incredible curated combination of cute meets edgy, owner CB also combines riding bikes and DIY's like no other on her blog of the same name. I love each and every piece in CB's shop. She has a wonderful selection and she is just such a fantastic artist. CB has become a huge supporter of my blog and shop and I couldn't be more happy to have a such a creative friend. I asked CB what inspired her to start a shop and here is what she had to say, hope it warms your heart like it did mine: 

..find "Retro chick" art here..

"What inspired me to start my shop was when I started making my retro chicks. At first I was giving them away as presents to family and friends and they just loved them and I LOVED seeing how happy it made them. I like when people smile, it is so contagious. So that is when someone had told me about Etsy so I thought I would give it a try and now I am totally addicted to making things and making people smile :)"

I've been eyeing a few things from CB's shop and unfortunately haven't bought anything yet. Dang economy! Anyway here are two of my favorites that show you the versatility of City Birds Nest shop. 
..Edgy "Gold Rush Earrings" found here..
..Cute "Owldorable owl necklace" found here..

I hope that you've enjoyed getting to know another member of the Etsy world as well as blog world. I'm sure many of you already know CB in all her fantasticness but if not please check out her blog and shop, you will be so happy you did. 

Find City Birds Nest:

Thanks for stopping in! I appreciate you all so much!


  1. thanks so much lo for featuring me! you are the best!!

  2. oh yes, i know CB's awesome blog and have visited there before, although in the world of brain stumbles (ME!) and internets thick with congestion i've kinda lost track so thanks Lo, you've hooked me up tight with this rad reminder!!!

    ohhhhhhhh, her owl necklace! dag, might have to wrestle you for it ; )

    thanks for your comments lades, the one you left me on my "just" post was super touching and really appreciated. xoox ♥


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